Formstack Launches New Social Autofill Feature

Written by Formstack on January 8, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Formstack Updates

Busy is the new black, so they say. Keep your visitors’ attention and get more submissions by keeping forms quick and easy to complete. Formstack’s new Social Autofill feature can help you do just that.

What is Social Autofill?
With just the click of a button, Social Autofill lets form users automatically fill in form fields based on social media profiles. You can choose to SocialAutoFill3.png (1)include plugins for Facebook or Google+. The icons will display at the top of your form, giving users the option to share data and fill in forms faster. Social Autofill enhances your user experience and form visitors don’t have to waste time filling in their name, email, and basic biographical data.

How can Social Autofill help my conversion rate?
The time it takes to fill out a form is a top concern for many marketers responsible for lead generation. The longer it takes to fill out a form, the less likely users are going to complete it. You know what this means – potential leads lost. Social Autofill allows you to still capture relevant information while keeping the time commitment short. One click lets users autofill fields and boosts the likelihood of form completion. It’s a great feature for capturing data from your mobile users. The more they can fill in via their social apps, the less they have to do the “two-thumb type” to complete your form!

Get started with Social Autofill
Social Autofill is available for customers on our $249/month plan and above. If you’re interested in upgrading or testing out Social Autofill, please reach out to our Sales team. If your plan allows you access already, log in and try it out!


To activate this feature in your account, simply go to Settings>Plugins and look for “Social Autofill” at the bottom of the Plugins tab. From there, you can select and map fields to each social profile that you would like to include on your form.

For more information, please check out our Support docs on the specific Facebook and Google+ plugins. Any additional questions? Let us know in the comments below!