Formstack Launches New A/B Testing Feature

Written by Formstack on April 10, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Formstack Updates, Lead Generation

Does your team ever disagree about how your form could capture more conversions? One person thinks it needs less fields. Another balks at losing that extra data. Someone else says if the button were a different color, more people would click. Except for a dance-off, there’s often not a clear way to answer these questions. Well, that is unless you implement form A/B testing.

Formstack’s new A/B Testing feature is here to definitively document which form changes capture more conversions with your audience. To show you how it works, we’ve put together this short video to give you all the scoop! 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is an optimization tool that shows unique content (in this case, your form) to different web visitors. The tool tracks how many people convert for both of the variations, allowing you to compare rates. 

For example, you might design one form with the call-to-action that reads “Register for the event!” Your second version CTA is “Get my tickets!” A/B Testing shows visitors one of the two forms, and the data tracking lets you see if one or the other CTA does a better job encouraging your users to click.

These data-driven results can inform your form building, design, fields, or any other element you test. Ultimately, you are learning what converts with your audience and optimizing your form for highest performance.

Get started with A/B Testing

Visit the analytics tab inside Formstack, and click the option to “A/B Test Form.” No coding or technical expertise is required. Formstack will walk you through the steps of creating your alternate version and launching your test. 

You’ll be able to track your test in real-time in the dashboard. See which version of your form is converting at a higher rate. Compare performance and select your winner!

A/B Testing is available for customers on our $249/month plan and above. If you’re interested in upgrading or testing out this feature, please reach out to our Sales team. If your plan allows you immediate access, log in and try it out!