How Can I Use Formstack Forms to Personalize Marketing?

Written by Sarah Quezada on April 8, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

Have you heard? Campaign-centric marketing is out. Personalization is in.

Social media has forever changed the way consumers interact with brands. It’s no longer effective to blast one single message to a mass audience. Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect you to understand their individual needs. They’ll tune out untargeted messages or even mark your company’s communications as spam.

This shift from campaign to consumer is great news for marketers. It means customers want to hear from you. But it does mean you must provide meaningful ways for them to engage with your brand.

So how can you personalize your marketing without breaking the bank? Put your web form builder features to work! Formstack has specialized features for communication at each stage of the customer lifecycle, from brand awareness to loyalty to advocacy.

There are a lot of ways to personalize marketing with Formstack forms. Here are three key areas to focus on if you want to move the needle quickly:

1. Use forms to keep current customers happy

Acquiring a new customer can cost seven times more than retaining an existing one. Use your Formstack forms to maintain loyalty! Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to do this. They let you see exactly what needs improving and what keeps your customers coming back for more. You can also use forms to keep your email marketing lists updated with current customer data. Reach out via email to express gratitude, provide information on new features, and extend exclusive offers based on preference data collected from your surveys. 

2. Use form analytics to customize the user experience

Formstack’s Google Analytics integration lets you see what devices people are using and where they’re coming from (Twitter? Paid ads? Landing pages?) when they fill out your forms. Use these insights to communicate with customers on their favorite channels and devices. Formstack forms are already mobile responsive. But if a high percentage of users are filling out your forms on iPhones and Androids, you might take extra steps to optimize your forms for mobile. Getting a lot of traffic from Facebook? Embed your form right into your business page.

3. Use form data to personalize communications

When was the last time you dove deep into the customer data you’ve captured? There’s a good chance you’re sitting on a goldmine of insights you can use to create customer personas or craft case studies for various audiences. And if you use preset field options—such as a dropdown list of locations or job titles —you can use this info to segment your lists and personalize emails to each group’s specific needs.

How else will you use Formstack forms to personalize your marketing in 2015? Let us know in the comments!