Add Power to Your Marketing Automation with Formstack Forms

Written by Heather Mueller on April 15, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks

Marketing automation is a great way to nurture leads. Popular programs like Pardot and Marketo make it easy to communicate effectively with prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Problem is, marketing automation only works if you can convince people to give you their information in the first place. And web forms are key to capturing those leads.

Yet even the most popular automation systems may not provide all the form functionality and features you really need. Making aesthetic adjustments to form fields and buttons is often impossible unless you have access to a web developer with deep programming knowledge.

Formstack to the rescue! Our integrations make it easy to create beautiful, branded forms and feed the data into your other digital marketing tools. Try these suggestions to boost your nurture campaigns with forms that help generate lots of new leads.

Option 1: Let Your CRM Do the Heavy Lifting

Formstack integrates with many popular content relationship management (CRM) tools. Chances are, your automation software does too. Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot all integrate with Salesforce. Why not add Formstack to the mix? It’s easy!

To sync things up, start by setting your Formstack form to automatically submit data to your CRM (you can do this under Emails & Redirects > After the Form is Submitted):


Then make sure your automation software is set up to pull new leads from your CRM. Here’s an example of how that could look in Pardot:


The data will move seamlessly from Formstack form submissions all the way to your automation software. From there, you can use scoring and grading to further qualify leads before placing prospects into email lists and drip campaigns.

Option 2: Create Your Own Program

If you’re still in the process of comparing vendors, we have good news. Formstack’s integrations make it possible to custom build a marketing automation program at a fraction of the cost.

You could start by simply adding Formstack forms to your website.

Then send the customer data you collect directly into a tool like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. These and other email marketing services let you create drip campaigns by packaging up a series of autoresponders to go out when someone signs up, subscribes, makes a purchase, or takes another action by completing your form.

You can even send the data into your CRM as you nurture leads and help your sales team decide when to follow up. Wondering if this kind of custom solution is a good fit for your company? Check out our comparison pages here and here.