5 Questions to Ask in Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Written by Sarah Quezada on March 3, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Surveys

Post last updated February 18, 2016.

Most companies ask for customer feedback. And if you follow up with enough incentives, your surveys will get answered.

There’s only one problem: Most customer satisfaction surveys result in watery, unreliable feedback.

People are whizzing through checkboxes for a chance to win something. Or they’re ranting about one bad experience. They’re not thinking long and hard to give you deeply insightful answers. And if your questions don’t relate directly to the experiences they had, they’re even less likely to give them much thought.

It’s not them. It’s you. The questions you ask and how they’re worded matter. A lot. The way to get useful survey results is to stick to a proven formula.

There are 5 customer satisfaction survey questions you should always ask. These questions will help you capture meaningful feedback from your customers:

1) Was your issue resolved to your satisfaction?

We start with this question because it gives key insight and is easy to answer. A quick “yes” or “no” tells you how well your customer service team is doing its job. For “no” answers, you can use Conditional Logic to ask the respondent for suggestions on how the situation could have been handled differently.

Conditional Logic on Survey

2) How professional was the service you received?

This question is important for customer satisfaction surveys because it provides a deeper look at how your employees are perceived. Using the Matrix Field will allow customers to quickly rate their overall experiences. Responses may lead you to consider additional training or employee evaluations.

3) How helpful was your customer service rep?

Now you’re really digging. If you stick to questions that focus only on general interactions, it’s tough to identify areas for improvement. Ask how helpful specific reps are, and you can learn if employees are going out of their way to solve issues or merely churning through calls and chats.

4) Based on the assistance you received, how likely are you to recommend this product/service to others?

It may seem like a stock customer satisfaction survey question, but psychologically this one’s very important. People contact customer service to solve a problem. When customers are still willing to recommend something after interacting with your team, it’s a sure sign they’re getting the assistance they need to remain loyal to your brand.

5) Is there anything you’d like to add?

At this point, many customers will have nothing left to say. Still, this question can yield important insights—both good and bad—you might otherwise never uncover. Don’t make it a required field, but definitely end your survey with it.

The key is to ask customer satisfaction survey questions that can be answered both quickly and thoughtfully.

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