New Features for Confirmation Emails

Written by Sarah Quezada on March 19, 2015

Posted in Formstack Updates, Lead Generation

Confirmation emails are a great way to communicate with your customers. You can thank them for their purchase or share a favorite cat meme. We also know many of you use Confirmation Emails to provide your customers a copy of their submitted responses.

We’re excited to tell you about a recent improvement to our Confirmation Email settings. You will now have more flexibility to customize your emails the way you choose. Formstack has made it easier than ever to include just the fields you want in your confirmation emails. If this capability sounds familiar, it has been available in our Notification Emails. However, it is new to Confirmation Emails, which trigger and send to your customers. 

With this change, it is possible to hide empty or unanswered fields in the data you send. This is especially important if your forms use Conditional Logic or have hidden fields. You can check a box in the email settings to “Hide empty fields in the message option.” Any field which has been completed will be sent to the submitter, but fields with no answers will be skipped over in the Confirmation Emails.

One additional change in our email settings can help you better organize the data that you send in your Confirmation Email. If your form contains Section Headers, you will now have the option to include them in the email message. Simply check the box that reads “Show section headings in the message” and they will be added to your email message.  

It’s always a joyful moment when someone completes your form. Now you can kick-off your communications with custom Confirmation Emails. They can include as much or as little of the data as you specify, and you can share section headers for a more organized presentation. 

If you have any questions about this new feature, see this support doc for more detail. You can also always reach out to our Support Team at