Does That Web Page Really Need an Online Form?

Written by Heather Mueller on December 8, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

Do you want to capture more leads? You’ll need more lead capture forms.

It sounds so obvious. But there is a problem.

Not every piece of content you publish is worthy of gating with an online form. In fact, too many forms might overwhelm your audience and result in fewer overall conversions.

If you’re struggling to decide when it’s appropriate to gate a piece of content and when you should be providing a resource or insight for free, this post will help. We’ve put together a quick quiz you can take to decide if a form will fit nicely on a web page before you build it:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.54.47 PM

If the answer is “no” or “not yet”:

  • Focus on other opportunities. For example, your blog post might not warrant an email subscription form. But your website’s footer could be a great place for it.
  • Work out the details. Determine the page’s value and decide what emails you want people to receive after they fill out the form.
  • Take another look. Revisit the questions above after investing some more time and thought in the page’s content and see if your answers are different the second time around.

If the answer is “yes”:

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