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Conversion Rate Benchmarks to Get Your Year Back on Track

Whether you’re halfway through the summer or planning for a new year, it’s always a great time to take a look at your forms and tweak them for peak performance.

The best indicator of form performance is the form’s conversion rate, which is a comparison of the number of people who visited the form versus the number of people who actually submitted it (i.e., Conversion Rate = {# of visitors who completed form} / {# of people who saw it} x 100). If you’re a Formstack user, your conversion rates are available in your form analytics.

Formstack’s 2015 Form Conversion Report is packed with valuable information that can help you take stock of your forms. The report details how online forms are performing among 650,000 form users across ten different industries. Find out how your forms measure up by comparing your own conversion rates to industry averages.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some key benchmarks below.

Conversion Rate Benchmarks by Industry

Industry Average Form Conversion Rate
Government 18%
Healthcare 9%
Higher Education 10%
Marketing/Consulting 13%
Media 17%
Nonprofit 14%
Religious 20%
Retail/E-commerce 11%
Sports 18%
Technology 17%

Conversion Rate Benchmarks by Form Type

Form Type Average Form Conversion Rate* Average # of Form Fields*
Contact 1% 4
Contest 35% 10
Donation 7% 9
Event Registration 11% 15
Lead Generation 11% 11
Order/Payment 9% 22
Survey 14% 22

*For all industries

How to Get Your Conversions Back on Track

If your forms aren’t quite stacking up to the competition, there’s still time to get them back on track! Here are a few tips to help you increase your conversions:

For more useful tips like these, download the full 2015 Form Conversion Report here.