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3 Steps to More Clickable Call-to-Action Buttons [Quick Guide]

If you want to increase sales, you have to capture more conversions.

If you want to capture more conversions, you need to get more clicks.

If you want to get more clicks, you’ll need compelling calls to action. And the most important CTA of all is the one housed within your webpage’s form “submit” button. Here’s how this one crucial element is described in our 2015 Form Conversion Report:

Ah, the submit button. It’s your last opportunity to capture a click. Which means the words contained within that one small space are arguably the most important for every online form.

It’s amazing how a single button can make or break a landing page.

Here at Formstack, we’ve created, studied, and analyzed hundreds of thousands of call-to-action buttons. As a result, we’ve discovered a three-step process anyone can use to make them more clickable:

Step 1: Create Compelling Content
Apply three S’s to your button copy: Be short, simple, and specific.

Step 2: Use Contrasting Colors
Your button should be distinct from all the other content on your webpage.

Step 3: Add Some Style
Make sure your call-to-action button actually looks like a button.

Want to learn more?
You can read more about submit buttons, and other form best practices in our 2015 Form Conversion Report.

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