Poll: Why You Should Be Budgeting with Optimization in Mind

Written by Sarah Quezada on January 13, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

As 2015 budgets are being chiseled into stone, are you prepared to spend on optimization this next year? Personalization continues to gain ground as one of the biggest trends in digital marketing, and optimization is a must for brands. Why? Glad you asked.

It Gives Your Brand the Edge with Your Best Customers
Customers are coming to expect a more personalized web experience. If your site can deliver custom, relevant content to visitors, you can gain their trust and business!

Imagine if your whole client list was made up of your ideal customers? Optimization can make that dream a reality. A site that instantly engages those visitors most likely to become your best customers will grow your strongest client segment.

It Offers More Bang for Your SEO and PPC Buck
If targeted ads lead people to a generic site, they’ll bounce away as quickly as they came. On the flip side, if personalized banner ads direct visitors to a site tailor-made to address their unique needs, you’ll likely see a big boost in conversions.

The same is true for visitors arriving via search engines. If the keywords they care about influence their user experience, your site and product will be exactly what they were searching for.

More Conversions Means Lower Cost and Higher Profits
If your optimized site begins converting more visitors, your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) immediately drops. Now the same investment is returning more customers (and more profits). More earnings means you can move forward acquiring even more leads, which you can convert at your higher rate!

While you need to spend on optimization in your budget, you’re likely to see return on that investment in the form of higher conversions. So we want to know: Are you planning to spend on optimization in 2015?

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