Help! I Need a Form Builder that Integrates with Google Apps

Written by Heather Mueller on May 28, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks

If that headline caught your attention, you’re likely relying heavily on Google Apps—calendars, contacts, cloud storage, analytics, and so on—for work. Millions of companies do.

But you may feel somewhat limited by Google Forms. While there are many great uses for Google’s basic builder, it’s not always the best option for capturing leads and closing sales.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ll be glad to know:

Formstack fully integrates with all of the most popular Google Apps.

We have an entire marketplace of integrations that lets businesses enjoy all the convenience of Google and experience the power of a robust form builder. Whether you collaborate with remote employees, coordinate with contractors, or simply rely on Google for day-to-day internal operations, you can set up your Formstack forms to automatically feed data directly to your Google account.

For example, your company can:

1. Automate the flow of customer data to Google Spreadsheets

Select the form you want to work with and go to Settings > Integration Hub > Documents to access Google Spreadsheets, then click “Add.” Then log into your Google account and select the spreadsheet and worksheet you’d like to use:


And match each form field to the corresponding spreadsheet column:


What’s really great about Formstack’s Google Spreadsheets integration is that you can use one spreadsheet for multiple forms. This integration can be especially valuable if you want to:

  • Feed submissions from different forms into one catchall worksheet
  • Give contractors or collaborators easy access to your form’s data without adding them to your company’s Formstack account
  • Ask your users one question and add their answers to a spreadsheet under a different label



Ready to get started with Google Spreadsheets? Get more support details here.

2. Capture registrations and events in Google Calendars

You can set up your form’s Google Calendar integration in Settings > Integration Hub > Events and Calendar. After you log into your Google account, you’ll have two choices. You can create a new event with each form submission:




Or create an event within your Google calendar and have users added to it upon form completion:




With this integration, you can eliminate hours that might otherwise be spent digging through data sheets. It’s especially helpful for organizations that need an easy way to:

  • Segment email lists for specific events
  • Send reminders and notifications—simply schedule an alert or email guests from within Google Calendars for a quick and easy way to reach registrants
  • Schedule interviews with job candidates or prospective students

Still have questions about using Google Calendars with Formstack? Get the setup scoop in the support tutorial.

3. Sync form submissions with Google Analytics

If your company’s on the Platinum plan, you can use Formstack’s Google Analytics integration to create form-specific conversion goals and measure what’s really working. Just go to your form’s Settings > Plugins > Google Analytics and then enter your tracking ID to get started:

Formstack-GoogleAnalytics-PluginThen review our quick-start tutorial to learn where to access your form data within Google Analytics.

Not sure where to start? Discover the best ways to combine form conversion data with Google Analytics in our guide for moving past vanity metrics.

You can even send and store collected documents in Google Drive and send addresses and phone numbers to Google Contacts.

Most Google Apps integrations are available in all plans and trial memberships. (So if you’re new to Formstack, be sure to sign up for a trial below to try it out for yourself!)