How to A/B Test Event Forms for More Registrations

Written by Abby Nieten on June 8, 2015

Posted in Event Planning, Form Optimization

If you’re as jazzed about A/B testing as we are, you may already be using the Formstack list of key elements to test on virtually any form.

You may also be ready to take on even more split tests to identify conversion-boosting opportunities for each specific type of form on your website. After all, what works well for your email newsletter signup (where fewer fields = more conversions) isn’t likely to be as effective for your event registration forms—no matter what your initial A/B test revealed.

So today we’re sharing the registration edition of elements to A/B test for conversions. When it comes to increasing event enrollments, it all comes down to how your form presents:

 1.The Options

Will registrants have an easier time choosing from a dropdown menu?

Registration Dropdown

Or radio buttons?

Registration Radio Buttons

Will they respond better to those radio buttons when they’re presented vertically or horizontally?

Horizontal Radio Buttons

A/B tests will provide you with cold, hard numbers that make it easy to decide between these and other form field variations.

 2.The Prices

Will more people register online when you provide one quick-and-easy payment method?

One Payment Option

Or offer multiple options?

Multiple Payment Options

Will they be more likely to register for an event if there’s one static price?

Single Registration Ticket

Or three tier levels? 

Three Registration Prices

Run a series of A/B tests to find out which payment and pricing options result in more registrations.

 3.The Choices

Does your target audience like to choose between a list of all available dates and times?

Registration Choices

Or do you capture more conversions when events are presented one at a time, each with its own registration form?

One Registration Choice

Does offering more choices (shirt sizes, swag preferences, lunch orders, etc.) result in more registrations? Or do your registration forms perform better when you use a confirmation email to gather those details?

These and other tests can be easily and quickly executed with Formstack’s A/B Testing feature (available at the Platinum level and above) to do just that.

A-B Test Setup

The beauty of A/B testing is that it lets you get longer “life” out of a single form. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each new campaign, you can simply tweak and test until you find just the right mix for your next event. 

Have you captured more registrations as a result of these or other A/B tests?
We’d love to hear about it! Share your successes and suggestions in the comments. Want to try out Form A/B Testing for yourself? Get ahold of our team today!

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