9 Tools to Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

Written by Abby Nieten on November 18, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

If you think the marketing technology landscape is looking pretty complicated these days, you’re not wrong. Digital marketers have countless options when it comes to building an optimization toolkit.

So how do you decide which tools will help drive more traffic to your website and capture more qualified leads for your sales team? First, you determine what specific goals you are hoping to achieve with use of technology. Then, you make note of the tools other marketers are using with success.

Here at Formstack, we combine the power of several different platforms to help us meet our marketing goals. Below are nine tools our marketing team uses to optimize four key stages of the marketing funnel (and, yes, our own tool makes an appearance twice).

Driving Traffic

#1: Google AdWords

Google’s AdWords platform allows our demand generation team to create, track, analyze, and optimize pay-per-click campaigns. They use the platform to create targeted online ads based on keywords, and they monitor those ads to see which keywords are driving the best traffic to our website.

#2: LinkedIn

Our demand gen team also uses LinkedIn to promote Formstack content to individuals in our target market. Because LinkedIn has so much data on people’s professional lives, it’s a great tool if you know your audience. Our team used LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail feature to promote a webinar earlier this year, and they were able to capture several high-quality leads.

#3 and #4: Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are grouped together here because our marketing team uses these tools in similar ways to drive traffic to various pages on our website. Our content team uses these tools to promote blog posts, upcoming webinars, e-books, and press coverage via tweets and statuses. We also live tweet during webinars to engage with our audience. And our demand gen team uses the advertising features on Twitter and Facebook to further promote our content.

Capturing Leads

#5: Formstack

No surprise here: We use our own tool’s form-building functionality to capture leads. Formstack forms are easy to create and embed, and they are mobile responsive for all our smartphone users. Plus, they give us complete control over how much information we gather from prospects, and they offer conversion optimization features like Social Autofill and Conditional Logic.

Tracking and Analyzing Traffic

#6: Salesforce

Our form builder integrates with Salesforce to pass captured lead data into the customer relationship manager (CRM). Salesforce allows our marketing and sales teams to keep track of leads as they interact with our brand and (hopefully) become customers.

#7: Google Analytics

Our marketing team uses Google Analytics to track and analyze our website traffic, including traffic to specific landing pages and our blog. Tracking unique visits each month or time spent on a page helps us determine which pages may need some optimization work. Additionally, our form builder integrates with Google Analytics to provide form traffic insights, such as what devices visitors are using to view forms and how much time they are spending on the forms.

#8: Formstack

We already listed Formstack at #5, but we are mentioning it again here for its tracking and analysis features. Formstack’s in-app analytics dashboard allows us to see details about unique form views and to track form conversion rates. It also allows us to make use of several conversion rate optimization features that reveal crucial campaign data, such as traffic sources and field bottlenecks. Additionally, with Formstack, we can create custom visual reports for easy data analysis.

Nurturing Leads

#9: Pardot

Pardot allows our email-marketing guru to nurture leads based on how much they have interacted with our brand. We’re able to create a customer journey map and automatically send out emails based on where a prospect is located on that map. It’s a great way to keep users engaged with Formstack because we can share content that is relevant to each stage of the customer journey.

Want more tips for optimizing your marketing funnel? Click below to download your copy of our 2015 Form Conversion Report, which is packed with information to help you increase conversions.