7 Simple Conversion Rate Tools to Jumpstart Your CRO Strategy Today

Written by Abby Nieten on February 26, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

Conversion rate optimization offers the potential for big rewards. But eager companies will often start on tweaks and tests before having an official plan in place. The result? Simple changes—a color here, a font there—lead to marginal gains instead of major improvements in website performance.

While you don’t have to devote weeks or months to prep, it’s important to develop a CRO strategy to guide efforts. This includes assembling a conversion rate toolkit you can use to fine-tune optimizations.

Here are seven CRO tools to help you get started today:

An intuitive analytics tool makes it easy to turn raw data into actionable insights you can use to improve user experiences. Choose one with lots of tutorials and support documentation to help your team learn quickly.

  1.    Google Analytics: The marketing industry’s most popular, free tool comes with robust features you can use for CRO. Don’t stop at identifying top landing pages! Learn how to set up conversion goals, use Content Experiments, and apply Conversion Funnels.
  2.    KISSmetrics: This tool adds a layer to Google Analytics that lets you follow individuals from discovery of your brand to the moment of conversion. It connects various customer data “dots” to create a real picture of customer behaviors.

Testing different versions of the same landing page is at the core of all conversion rate optimizations. A/B page testing tools simplify this process and allow you to see side-by-side conversion rate comparisons within seconds.

  1. Unbounce: This CRO software removes the mystery from A/B testing. You can simply add optimizations to a new landing page variation, click “publish” and sit back while the tool collects real-time data. These live tests let you see exactly which changes drive the most conversions.
  2. Visual Website Optimizer: Plug this puppy into your website before you change a headline, form button or other element on your landing page. The tool will then track each variation so you can see at a glance what works best for your customers.


  1.    CrazyEgg: Heat mapping technology lets you see where visitors are clicking and how far they’re scrolling on a page. With CrazyEgg, you can get a visual representation of how each new color and headline impacts conversions.
  2.    ClickTale: This tool combines heat maps with conversion funnels and other measurable insights to illustrate visitor behaviors. You can use it to create a visual “tale” of how people are interacting with various elements on your landing pages.


  1.    Formstack: For a conversion rate optimization plan to work, you have to, you know, convert. Formstack’s drag-and-drop form builder makes it super easy to capture leads and see how different button colors, fonts, fields, headers, and other elements impact conversion rates. It’s a building tool, conversion tool, analytics tool, and testing tool all wrapped into one. And none of it requires special IT knowledge.

For example…

Let’s say your e-commerce site isn’t landing as many sales as you had hoped. Using your analytics tool, you could first isolate the problem to your homepage. It gets a lot of traffic but has a high bounce rate—a clear indication of under-optimization. You might decide to install a quantitative heatmap tool to see where people stop clicking and exit the page. This will help you decide which elements to alter so you can put your page testing tool to work. You then use your form building tool to fine-tune the email signup box on your homepage and see which changes generate the most opt-ins.

If you have a strategy in place, you can then repeat this process on other key landing pages. With the right mix of tools, it’s stress-free!

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