4 Questions Your Marketing Manager Will Definitely Ask (And How to Answer Them)

Written by Abby Nieten on June 2, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

I’m a marketer. You’re a marketer. Do you ever feel like you spend all week working in a frenzy, but when it comes down to the numbers, you aren’t moving the needle? You can cross off a million Wunderlist tasks, but at the end of the day you have to prove to your boss that your marketing campaigns are driving profitable traffic.

Lucky for you, we know the questions your manager is going to ask the next time you meet about that marketing campaign—we’ve been asked them ourselves! And even luckier, we’ve listed a few resources that might help you compile the right numbers to give him (or her!) the answers they’re looking for.

Here are the 4 questions your marketing manager will definitely ask about your marketing campaigns:

1. Are we looking at the right metrics? There’s nothing worse than coming to a meeting with vanity metrics. While it’s great that you have 6,000 new visitors to your landing page or 40 likes on your latest Instagram photo, how does that translate to sales at the end of the day? Fortunately, Formstack’s online form Analytics dashboard gives you a snapshot of the true metrics you can use to convert traffic into sales – from your landing page’s conversion rate to what form questions are causing visitors to click away. Just a quick glance at your dashboard can help you set baseline metrics for improving your conversion rate and set dynamite goals.

2. Are we performing as well as our competitors? Ah, the competition. You’ve gotta know how to stay one step ahead of your peers – but how can you compare your marketing performance? While we don’t advise hacking into their databases to get classified marketing secrets (seriously. don’t do it.), you CAN find out industry conversion benchmarks to see if you’re meeting your industry’s standards. Formstack recently launched our 2015 Form Conversion Report, which includes benchmark research on what makes visitors convert on your website. Use this research to establish baseline metrics for average industry or form conversion rates to prioritize your marketing.

3. Is this tool worth the spend? Once you know the pages or campaigns you want to optimize, you might want to try a new tool to help get the job done. However, we know bosses aren’t keen on approving budget for another app. You could write an entire blog post on justifying optimization software to your boss – oh, wait, we did write an entire blog post about it. You should read it. In other news, we’ve also developed a super nifty ROI calculator to see if our tool will help you maximize your marketing spend.

4. What could we do to continue optimizing this page? You’ve created your campaigns, discovered the keywords that convert, and launched new tools to keep the leadgen rolling. How can you continue to kick ass and take names (or just impress your boss)? Testing! A/B testing can help you find the tiny tweaks to make your page or form convert at even higher rates. Formstack’s A/B testing feature can help you find the perfect combination of questions to ask on your form to make that website visitor primed to convert.

Whether you use Formstack or not, we guarantee your boss will eventually bring up one of these questions in a meeting. With these quick resources, you can prioritize your marketing efforts and leave your boss’ office without breaking a sweat. Want to incorporate some of these tools into your plan? Get in touch with a member of our team today.