5 Important Sales Tools to Maximize Your Close Rates

Written by Andy Baumgartner on November 13, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

When you’re in sales, there’s one rule: results matter. The slippery slope that salespeople battle on a regular basis is setting themselves apart from the crowd. Luckily, technology (and the Internet in general) has provided us with some great tools to increase our close rates and make those commission checks even fatter, while also showing our customers that we care about their success. There are a lot of available tools out there for those of us in sales. Here are five of my favorite sales tools I use here at Formstack to help maximize those close rates. Oh, and let’s not forget that these will also help keep that tab count in your browser to less than five!

1. Salesforce

Let’s just start with the big guns here. Salesforce is the end and the beginning when it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. I’ve used a handful of smaller, less expensive CRMs, but nothing compares to the feature set and flexibility of Salesforce. Salesforce (provided that you have an excellent admin and keep up with your notes) can be one of the most important tools to increase close rates. Keeping track of lead and contact conversations, as well as figuring out where your lead came from, can be tricky, but Salesforce makes it easy to find everything on a single page.

2. Cirrus Insight

Sending out a read receipt in your emails can be a little stalkerish, but Cirrus Insight provides that small bit of “ninja” you need to really see when (and where) a user opens that finely-worded sales email you just sent. Cirrus makes it easy to log email conversations in Salesforce, so there’s none of that fun “cut and paste” nonsense that takes up too much of your day. The ability to create tasks, track activity, and even sync up with Google Drive and Google Calendar makes Cirrus one of my go-to tools when spending my entire day lost in emails.

3. LinkedIn

There’s a lot on the Internet about social sales, their impact, and where to go to get the most return on your social investment, but LinkedIn is the place to be to connect with people on a more personal level. My emails are very custom to my voice, so I just hop over to LinkedIn a few times a day and connect with mutual connections of people I’ve already worked with. Sharing important blogs, giving a friendly endorsement, and giving (and hopefully getting) work recommendations can do nothing but help your credibility. Credibility is one thing that will make or break your close rates, as your customers need to know that you know your stuff and that you’re not just feeding them canned sales lines from the podcast you subscribe to. We at Formstack know a lot about social media marketing, especially when it comes to LinkedIn. Check out our social media lead generation e-book and our blog post on how to use Sponsored InMail for lead generation for even more helpful info.

4. Salesvue

Calls. Calls. Emails. Calls. Sound like your day? Getting lost in the Salesforce and email rabbit hole is something we’re all familiar with. Who needs a follow-up? When do I send this first email out? How many times have I called this guy? Salesvue syncs up directly with Salesforce to let you automate your sales process while still giving that personal touch. You can load in your call cadence, how many times you’d like to email a lead, and even create appointments directly within Salesvue, while never leaving Salesforce. I know my workload for today, as well as what my day looks like tomorrow, when it comes to calls and emails. I have everything loaded into the back-end without too much effort, which keeps me on the phone and closing opportunities!

5. Formstack

I’m sure this is not a shock to you, as you’re here on the Formstack blog reading about sales tips and tools, but Formstack really is one of the most important tools I’ve ever used in my sales career. Our marketing staff can map campaign attribution to Salesforce, and I can easily see where the leads in my Salevue cadence came from. Someone downloaded a white paper? Let’s lead off the convo with that. Someone requested a demo on this page? Let me get that on the calendar. Formstack not only makes it easy to build a form and publish it, but those submissions provide me with valuable information on who that lead is and what I need to talk to him or her about. The information gleaned from Formstack turns a cold call into a warm lead, which always leads to a higher probability to close.

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I could go on for hours about all the little tips and tools available out there to help pad the paycheck, but the title of this blog says “5 Important Sales Tools” and posting any more would make me a liar. Still, these are the top five tools that make my life easier and keep me on track to exceeding quota month after month. If you’d like to know more about Formstack and how adding us to your toolkit will help you and your sales staff, click below to sign up for a free trial.

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