4 Internal Surveys to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Written by Abby Nieten on July 13, 2015

Posted in Surveys, Workflow Automation

Whether it’s summer and you want to unwind poolside or it’s winter and you want to hibernate, you can’t get lax with your professional quarterly planning.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to kickstart your team’s plans, online employee surveys are a fantastic place to start. Surveys have stood the test of time when it comes to gathering insightful data, and for good reasons. They are super simple to implement and (when done right) take very little time to complete. They also produce troves of valuable data that you can visualize and analyze.

But what types of employee surveys are best for your team? Here are 4 surveys that are sure to promote productivity:

1. Employee Engagement Survey

When planning for the future, it’s important to know if your employees are dedicated to the company and passionate about their jobs. Issuing an employee engagement survey can provide these insights.

Do your employees enjoy their daily tasks? Are they comfortable in the work environment provided? Do they have a good rapport with supervisors and colleagues? Are the available resources enough to perform their jobs well? Employee engagement surveys can answer these questions and more.

Make the survey easy to complete by using simple Radio Button fields with clear choices, such as “Always,” “Sometimes,” and “Never.” Then, apply Conditional Logic to ask employees to expand on any negative answers.

Employees are bound to be more productive and motivated if they feel engaged with their work, so finding out where each employee stands in this arena can help you focus your planning.

2. Post-Project Evaluation

Before asking your team to dive in head first on new projects, consider finding out how team members feel about projects that have recently wrapped. Gaining insight into the wins and challenges of past projects can help you work toward success on future projects.

A post-project evaluation can ask employees what they liked or didn’t like about a project, how successful the project was in their eyes, if there were any major bumps on the path to completion of the project, and if they would like to work on similar projects in the future.

Use Formstack’s Charts and filtering features on the Submissions tab to quickly see how a project performed based on employee answers. And if you want to go a step further, use the data to create your own visual project recap charts for your bosses.

Issuing a post-project evaluation allows you to determine what projects and processes work best for your team. Data gathered from these evaluations can help you make important decisions as you plan and assign future projects.

3. Professional Development Survey

Are you thinking about adding a few professional development opportunities to your team’s upcoming schedule? Professional development surveys can help you pinpoint the best activities for your team.

These surveys give your employees the opportunity to evaluate past professional development activities and suggest future activities. Employees can also divulge if there are any gaps in their training.

Use Matrix fields to let your employees rate recent professional development experiences via a Likert scale. And include Long Answer fields so team members can describe (and paste links to) any professional events of interest.

Investing in employee development is one of the best ways to keep your company moving forward. And finding out what activities your team needs and wants is as simple as issuing a quick professional development survey.

4. Team Event Poll

If you want to score high on your employee engagement surveys (see #1 above), save space on your calendar for some fun! Let your team weigh in on plans for an entertaining offsite gathering by sending out an event poll.

Your poll can ask employees to indicate preferences for dates and times, locations, themes, activities, and food. It can also gauge interest in event coordination tasks.

Make this form playful by adding a personalized image or Custom Theme. And help employees easily sign up for coordination tasks or pitch-in items using unique Checkbox fields.

Surveying employees before an event can help you ensure all opinions and preferences are considered. And thanks to your handy event poll, you’ll have all the information you need to plan a memorable event that everyone will enjoy!

Ready to start building your online employee surveys today? Creating and deploying customized electronic surveys is easy with Formstack’s online form builder. Click below to explore all the ways our online survey tool can meet your needs.