The 4 Essentials for Every Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Written by Heather Mueller on February 17, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

Confession time: We know first-hand how scary conversion rate optimization can seem. There are so many channels and elements to optimize. (Landing pages! Forms! Social ads! Colors! Copy! Fonts! Oh my…)

It all sounds so complicated. And expensive. At least, that’s what we thought. Then we started doing it. And you know what? Optimizing for conversions can be fun and surprisingly easy.

If you’re struggling to make this CRO thing work for your business, start with these four essential ingredients:

  1. A Well-Defined Audience

The cornerstone of any CRO strategy is a well-defined target niche. Once you get a good understanding of your customers’ behaviors, the rest will start falling into place. Why are they visiting your website? What are their needs? How can you fill them? What elements will effectively convey your value to them? Answering these questions will help you identify which optimizations are most likely to provide value.

Quick tip: Having trouble developing customer personas? Try inputting your data into this little-known tool for a quick snapshot from marketing data company Axciom.

  1. Easy-to-Use Tools

Once you’ve determined who you’re optimizing for, the next step is figuring out how you’re going to tweak and test variations. Changing just one word can impact how people feel about your “submit” button. But you won’t know which word has the greatest impact unless you’ve installed software that makes it easy to measure and compare conversion rates. The right tools will help automate the process.

  1. Realistic Goals

With conversion rate optimization, you shouldn’t be concerned with website traffic or your number of Facebook “likes.” A solid CRO strategy concentrates instead on converting existing visitors and followers. The key is deciding which conversions matter most to your business. Signups? Sales? Memberships? Donations? Note your current conversion rates and decide how and when you’re going to increase them.

Quick tip: Use Formstack’s form conversion report to set benchmarks and see what conversion rates are like in your industry.

  1. A Plan of Action

Once you’ve set goals and selected tools, the real fun begins. Time to start strategizing! Just don’t make the common mistake of simply copying optimizations that have worked for others. While checking on competitors may provide inspiration, you’ll need to create your own plan for testing and measuring. It’s the only way to ensure meaningful changes that will increase conversions over time.

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