4 Problems Digital Marketers Are Facing (and How Formstack Can Help)

Written by Abby Nieten on October 2, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Lead Generation

Thriving in today’s digital marketing world is a challenge, to say the least. With countless channels and messages competing for users attention, marketers are—more than ever—tasked with finding ways to rise above the noise and garner interest in their products or services. But what are the biggest roadblocks standing in a marketer’s way?

We surveyed those who attended the live airing of our “7 Form Conversion Killers (and how to avoid them)” webinar with Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, to find out their most pressing marketing problems. And we gained some good insights:

Digital marketer problems

Here, I’ll discuss the top 4 problems marketers are facing (as shown in the graph above) and provide some ways Formstack can help solve those problems.

#1: Email Marketing

Roughly 61% of our survey respondents indicated that they struggle with email marketing. And this is definitely a problem worth solving. Why? Developing email communications with prospects and customers is an important part of any strong marketing strategy. Email marketing can be used to drive more traffic to your website, increase newsletter subscriptions, nurture a lead to a sale through content sharing, and more.

So how can Formstack help with email marketing? First, our tool allows you to set up Email Logic so that your visitors automatically receive a confirmation email when they submit your form. This means your email nurturing starts right away! Formstack also allows you to integrate with the email marketing or customer relationship management platforms you already use to instantly send collected email subscriber data to the necessary platform—keeping you organized with little effort so you can focus on sending engaging email communications to the right leads.

#2: Lead Capture/Abandonment

More than 52% of the digital marketers who responded to our survey indicated that they struggle with capturing leads (or getting users to submit their forms before jumping ship!). Collecting visitor data that can be used to nurture prospects into sales is the overarching goal of digital marketing. So getting your arms around the lead capture process and reducing the number of people who abandon your forms is key.

Formstack can help ramp up your lead capture efforts through a suite of conversion optimization features. Specifically, our Field Bottlenecks feature gives you insight into visitor behavior on your form, allowing you to see the specific fields that may be causing users to abandon your forms. And our Partial Submissions feature lets you capture real-time data from people who start filling out your form but never submit it—allowing you to further identify what might be causing users to click away from your forms and giving you a second chance to capture lost conversions.

#3: Optimizing Landing Pages/Forms for Higher Conversions

Approximately 47% of our survey respondents said optimizing landing pages and forms for higher conversions is one of the biggest marketing problems they face in their daily responsibilities. Constructing high-converting forms and landing pages is important because these are the tools that help you capture leads and turn them into customers.

Formstack’s conversion optimization features can be put to good use here as well. For instance, our Form A/B Testing feature allows you to create higher-converting forms by testing various form elements to see what resonates with your audience. And our Social Autofill feature allows you to reduce form friction—and increase conversions up to 189%—by letting users fill out portions of your form using data from their Facebook or Google+ accounts.

#4: Brand Recognition/Thought Leadership

About 47% of the marketers who submitted our survey said they have trouble building recognition and thought leadership around their brand. Creating brand awareness can significantly increase your marketing impact, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting your name out there and remaining accessible to potential customers.

One way Formstack can help you with this is through our social media integrations. Our Facebook integration allows you to embed forms for contest entries or event registrations right on your Facebook page, which leads to increased brand engagement since users can enter your contest or sign up for your event without ever leaving the social media site. Additionally, forms that are set up with our Facebook and Twitter integrations are easy to share, which can help increase their exposure. Plus, you can automatically post updates about your form’s submissions to further promote your contest or event.

Let Formstack solve your digital marketing problems.

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