4 Case Studies to Inspire Your A/B Testing

Written by Sarah Quezada on April 13, 2015

Posted in Case Studies, Form Optimization, Lead Generation

Do you want the blue pill or the red pill? You might choose to believe that your landing page is converting the highest possible number of leads. But you’ll never really know the truth until you swallow the red pill, or in this case, try A/B testing.

Formstack’s new Form A/B Testing feature gives you the option to test any element you choose on your form. Could your conversion rate lift with new button copy, a different image, or fewer form fields? A/B testing is the perfect way to find out. You might be tempted to skip over this step (gulp the blue pill, if you will) and hope for the best. But that would be a mistake.

We’ve rounded up a couple inspiring examples to show you just how enlightening and profitable A/B testing can be.

This digital measurement and analytics company wanted to capture more leads on their product pages. With A/B testing, they experimented with adding social proof in the form of customer logos next to the testimonials on the page. After testing 2,500 visitors, they had a winner! The addition of a prominent client logo above the testimonial increased conversion rates by a whopping 69%!

Server Density
Server Density decided to A/B test a new pricing structure. Choosing a cost for your product can be challenging because you need to understand the value placed on your product by your customers. To find the sweet spot, A/B testing is here to help! Server Density created packaged pricing that actually lowered the cost for some customers. Still, their overall Average Order Value rose, and their test came away with 114% increase in sales.

Fab, an online retail site, wanted to learn how more instructive button copy would affect conversions. An A/B test tracked clicks for a button with simply a plus sign and an image of a shopping cart (the original) and one that read, “Add to Cart.” The more specific button copy won out, resulting in 15% more conversions. Those are sales that would have been lost without A/B testing!

This nonprofit wanted to optimize their page in an effort to receive more donations from web visitors. Focus group feedback revealed that visitors had questions about the details of the work. For their A/B test, then, they added an FAQ section, testimonials, and statistics. Their test results confirmed that addressing people’s concerns directly boasted an 11.5% lift in conversions.

Without A/B testing, you could be leaving money on the table. Take advantage of Formstack’s new Form A/B Testing feature to see what works best for your audience. You may find, like Fab, that your button copy could be more effective. Or you may unlock increased profits from strategic pricing tests like Server Density. Whichever tweaks tip the scale for your business, you’ll be glad that you opted in to optimizing. 

A/B Testing is available to our Platinum plan customers and above. Upgrade your account to unlock this feature.