How to Squeeze More ROI from Your Form Builder

Written by Heather Mueller on July 9, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks


You followed every step in the starter’s guide to publish your first web form. You’ve set up conversion-boosting integrations and advanced analytics plugins, and now you’re getting ready to A/B test. So far, so good.

But you’re probably wondering: “Is there a way to get more out of my web form-building account?”

There is. And we’re about to show you how.

First, let’s take a look at a close-kept secret of the online form building industry:

Many businesses are in a form rut.

Most industries stick to certain types of forms. Universities send surveys, retailers process orders, and religious organizations collect donations. Companies will often subscribe to a form builder for one specific purpose and never branch out.

It’s how many departments end up with one-track solutions like Survey Monkey and marketing automation that make it difficult to widen the scope of outreach, and why bosses will sometimes start questioning the value of software your team actually really needs.

Right now, you have access to powerful form-building features that can turn casual website visits into conversions—signups, sales, donations, registrations, inquiries, and more. But until you learn how to put all the functions of a multi-purpose tool to good use, you’ll never get a real return on your investment.

You’re about to learn 3 tried-and-tested formulas you can copy to squeeze more value out of your form-building account.

   1. If you typically use order forms for e-commerce…

Steal a chapter from the marketer’s handbook of lead nurturing. For example:

Let’s say you have an e-commerce website that specializes in Asian cuisine. People come to your site in search of ethnic food finds and specialty cookware. It’s a very specialized audience of foodies who are likely to buy from you again and again—if you give them a reason to return for repeat purchases.

If you use your form building tool only to process new orders, you’ll miss out on massive opportunities to maintain loyalty and lengthen the customer life cycle.

So, how do you do it without breaking the bank?

You’re already sitting on a treasure trove of information your customers want. With online forms, you can package up your knowledge into valuable content—a downloadable recipe book, a healthy shopping list, a guide to throwing the perfect sushi party—and put a price tag on it.

Only this price tag won’t have a dollar sign and decimals, but rather form fields to collect people’s personal information in exchange for your free resource.

With a content marketing strategy, your business can branch out into high-converting lead generation forms to capture new leads. Integrate them with email marketing software, customer relationship management platforms, and other lead nurturing tools for an easy, effective way to engage with customers after the sale.

   2. If you use surveys to gather intel in the higher education or nonprofit industries…

Turn your questions into interactive competitions. Contest forms have been shown to convert more traffic than any other form type. So while your surveys average a 14% conversion rate, contest forms are converting at 35%.

You can create a contest and still get all the data you need.

Sports-related organizations do this all the time and have the high conversion rates to show it. Web forms in the sports industry average an 18% conversion rate, compared with 10% in higher education and 11% in e-commerce, according to the 2015 Form Conversion Report.

For example, let’s say you need to gather intel on membership preferences. Instead of asking people to participate in yet another short survey, give them the chance to enter a raffle instead. They’ll still be answering the same questions, but through a more interactive experience that can result in many more submissions than with a traditional survey.

If you want to take it a step further, embed your survey-style contest on Facebook—a tactic that can double conversions.

   3. If you rely on contact forms to capture new leads…

Reformat them. The traditional contact form converts just 1% of website traffic. But tweak it to mimic a higher-performing type of form, and you could see a huge boost in conversions.

In a recent test, marketing agency Jellyvision discovered how simply rewriting form field labels and descriptions to sound more “human” can help raise conversion rates to 83%. Another study found that eliminating one contact form field can increase conversions by 50%.

Try presenting your contact form as an interactive poll, or apply money-making secrets to add an incentive and simplify options.

Now that the secrets are out…

Which of these proven tactics will you test first? Each one offers an opportunity to not only squeeze more life out of your form builder, but build a successful business as well.

If you’d like more information about how you can revamp your forms for higher conversions, check out our 2015 Form Conversion Report below.