3 Reasons You Need Social Autofill on Every Form

Written by Eva Jackson on January 14, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization

No one builds forms just to decorate their website. You want your visitors to complete them! And nothing makes that less likely than a lengthy form with repetitive fields like email address, name, or birthday. Still, you don’t want to eliminate all your questions when you need the data.

Formstack’s Social Autofill feature pulls user data from their social media profiles to give you the best of both worlds. You can build quick, easy forms that capture more data. Here are three reasons why you need Social Autofill on every form:

1) Social Autofill speeds up the conversion process.

The longer it takes someone to fill out a form, the less likely they are to do it. In fact, the number of fields on a form directly correlates with the rate of people who abandon it without finishing. Research from Imaginary Landscape showed forms with only four fields had 160% more conversions.

Respondents love short forms they can finish quickly. Social Autofill lets you speed up their form completion, even if there are more than four fields! With one click, users can auto-fill multiple fields and move quickly through your form.

2) Social Autofill engages mobile users.

Mobile users can be impatient. Nearly three quarters will wait only five seconds for a web page to load on their device before leaving. They need web forms that function quickly and don’t require a lot of steps (or miniature keypads) to complete.

Let Social Autofill do the work for your mobile customers. No pinching or typing. This feature lifts data from users’ Facebook and Google+ accounts to complete fields. Mobile users won’t just be standing around. They can see traction on their form before the five second window closes!

3) Social Autofill captures more data.

In eliminating all non-essential fields, you may be sacrificing data you could really use. Fewer fields is definitely a best practice in form creation, but Social Autofill can be a work around to get more information from your users. It helps you capture more data than your visitors have time to share.

Social media provides a rich stream of lead data. Some of the fields you can include with Social Autofill are: Name, Email, Education, Work History, Twitter Handle and more! 

Social Autofill is the perfect feature to get more data in less time from your customers. This feature is available on our Gold level plans and above. Try it for yourself with a free 14-day trial below.