3 Creative Twitter Cards to Inspire Your Next Lead Gen Campaign

Written by Heather Mueller on September 29, 2015

Posted in Lead Generation

Are you looking for a proven way to drive more qualified traffic to your website? Do you want to turn more social media conversations into conversions?

Twitter website cards are a great way to go. These nifty ads are designed to attract people to your off-Twitter content with strong visuals, headlines and call-to-action buttons. They’re essentially little “previews” of your perfect landing page.

Twitter’s DIY website card creator lets you pre-qualify leads by targeting interests, locations, lifestyle behaviors, gender, devices, and keywords. You can even upload email lists to target leads you’ve already captured and choose from two dozen calls to action:


When supported by strong landing pages, Twitter website cards can be a great addition to your arsenal of lead generation tools. 

Convinced? Check this out:

We’ve scoured our own Twitter feeds to bring you three recent examples of super creative cards you can use for inspiration.

1. Columbia Crest’s Crowdsourcing


Why we like it: What wine lover could resist that enticing tweet/headline/call-to-action combo?

Where it leads: To a crowdsourcing community.

Why it works: The “Learn more” button leads to something far more interactive than a simple e-commerce platform. Columbia Crest has taken a simple signup form and turned it into a one-of-a-kind community for wine drinkers.

Users who provide personal data gain access to a system that allows them “control of 5 acres of Columbia Crest grapes.” It’s an irresistible offer for any wine lover. And a great way to turn strong leads into brand advocates.

2. Land Rover’s Calculator


Why we like it: This card cleverly addresses a common customer objection: “But can I afford it?

Where it leads: To a monthly payment estimator.

Why it works: Rather than shouting “Buy Now!,” Land Rover is using the Twitter card to offer a glimpse of how much their dream cars might cost. On the corresponding landing page, visitors can use an interactive calculator to see how down payments and terms impact pricing and then fill out a form to get more info from a local dealer.

While this approach may not be effective for every brand, it’s a good example of how you can use a Twitter card to creatively capture qualified leads.

3. Emma’s Announcement

Emma Twitter Card
Why we like it: This is a great example of how to repurpose an existing tweet into an effective paid promotion.

Where it leads: To an event landing page.

Why it works: Emma’s essentially turned a speaker announcement into an ad. Ann Handley, who has more than 16,000 followers (plus 302,00 more on her business feed) serves as a compelling reason to sign up for Emma’s marketing conference—or get on the email list for the next one.

Notice a trend? If you’re ready to give Twitter website cards a try, you’ll need a strong landing page and web form to turn ad clicks into conversions.

We’ve shared three awesome examples to get you started. Now it’s up to you to come up with creative ways to generate leads with the latest Twitter tool.

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