2015 Form Conversion Report: Increase Conversions Up To 189%

Written by Formstack on March 10, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Reports + White Papers

If you thought last year’s Form Conversion Report was a game-changer (and it was… submit button copy has never been the same), you’ll be blown away by the new edition. Formstack is launching our 2015 Form Conversion Report. After scouring 650,000+ user accounts for top-notch data and analysis, we’ve established fresh benchmarks and more revolutionary findings. We gotta say it: this year’s report is even bigger and better and badder!

Download the report now!!

You’ll walk away with valuable insights you can really use to optimize forms and boost your digital marketing strategy:

  • Conversion rates for 10 common industries
  • Social media tips to convert up to 189% more traffic
  • The most successful form type with a 35% conversion rate
  • Popular and effective promotion times for forms

Download the report to get all this info and more. But that’s only the beginning! This year, we’ve created a “Form Conversion Experience.” To highlight the data awesomeness, we built the Form Conversion Report its own site with exclusive features. Start with the report and take advantage of everything else this benchmark research has to offer!

Can we guess your form’s conversion rate?
Using our data, we’ve created a prediction tool you can to use to guesstimate an average conversion rate for a form like yours. The quiz is all in good fun, of course, but it can give you a good jumping off point. See how advanced form features can give your form a conversion lift. And leverage insight from the Form Conversion Report to boost that rate in the quiz and on your real-life forms.

Join in our Form Conversion Report webinar
We’re also offering a unique opportunity to dive into the report with marketing expert Jay Baer, founder of The Marketing Technology Blog, and the Formstack brains behind the report, Eva McKnight. Jay and Eva are hosting an exclusive webinar to highlight valuable findings from the Form Conversion Report and to provide insights into real-life applications. This is a conversion-focused gold mine you won’t want to miss!

To download the report, take the quiz, and register for the webinar, visit our Form Conversion Report site. Check it out and share it with others seeking profitable boosts in their conversion rates!