12 Problems All Digital Marketers Understand

Written by Ashley Alexander on June 3, 2015

Posted in Form Hacks

As digital marketers, we have all experienced these common marketing woes.

1) The moment when your lead abandons their shopping cart or leaves their form unfinished.

If you’re seeing a lot of partial submissions, then something about your form or shop is pushing people away. Perhaps the form is too long or your customer doesn’t want to provide a piece of information. Analyzing field bottlenecks is one step you can take to figure out where the problems are.


2)  When no one knows who you are.

Building brand awareness is a huge factor in any successful marketing campaign. You can increase brand awareness and bring in more leads by making sure you are accessible to all potential customers, including mobile and social media users.


3)  When you feel bogged down by all the minutiae involved in your marketing campaign.

Feeling overwhelmed in the small details of your marketing campaign means more time wasted and less money made. You can make your life easier by searching for simple tools and integrations that can take care of the small stuff for you. Formstack offers many third-party integrations that can do just that.


4) When you’re trying to reach that sale and your CRM system slows you down.

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a sale because of complications with your CRM system. One way to make the process smoother is to integrate your CRM with other systems used by your business. This will ensure that everything and everyone is kept up-to-date as a lead travels through your sales funnel.


5) That moment when you have no idea who your target audience is.

How can you market to someone if you don’t know who they are? The best way to get to know your target market is through analytics. You can learn about customer behavior through referral paths, abandonment rates, and field bottlenecks to determine what they like and don’t like.


6) When none of your customers respond to your social media posts and you feel #foreveralone.

Social media has become more important than ever as a way for people to communicate and find information. If your business is not available on social media then you are missing out on a vast number of potential leads. Connecting with leads on social requires a thorough knowledge of your target market and what truly resonates with them.


7) Trying to understand the complicated madness that is analytics.

When looking through analytics, it can feel like you’re trying to hack through a dark and dense jungle. However, understanding your analytics doesn’t have to be complicated. With software like Formstack, you can get analytics data in a simple, beautiful visual format.


8) When you’re trying to keep track of your customers without being a creeper.

Tracking customers through your sales funnel can get a little creepy if you jump on them too soon. To avoid freaking out your customers, third-party integrations like our Salesforce integration can give your team the information they need when they need it. Your data will update in real time across all channels so sales will know when it is appropriate to reach out to a lead.


9) When you think Google has your back and then they change their search algorithms.

Staying up to date on big industry game-changers can be difficult. You might think you have your SEO plan down, and then Google changes everything. The best way to prepare for these moments is to be alert and make sure your marketing plan is flexible. Ensure you have some wiggle room for change.


10) That moment when you thought you put out an awesome ad campaign, but none of your leads are converting.

Nothing is more disheartening than working hard on an ad campaign that turns out to be unsuccessful. Fear not, however! Digital marketing requires a lot of experimentation, and some experiments are bound to fail. All you have to do is bring your plan back to the drawing board and analyze what went wrong so you can do better next time.


11) Enduring the wait for your landing pages and ads to build enough traffic to be significant enough for A/B testing.

As digital marketers, we like to see results. Waiting for those results can feel like a long and strenuous ordeal. However, you can speed the process along by making sure your systems are properly integrated so your team can take action as soon as the results start pouring in.


12) When you worked long and hard on an email marketing campaign and one of your emails rolls out with a spelling mistake in it.

Oh no! Spelling mistakes may seem small, but bad grammar can make customers and leads question your credibility. To avoid such mistakes, it is always a good idea to have many eyes look over a piece of content before it becomes live.


Let Formstack solve your #marketingproblems.
To learn more about how you can avoid these common marketing problems, contact our sales team! They can show you how Formstack can help you with these and many other issues.