11 Conversion-Crucial Web Form Elements to A/B Test

Written by Heather Mueller on June 1, 2015

Posted in Form Optimization, Lead Generation

Have you heard? Formstack now lets users A/B test web forms. Marketers everywhere are commemorating the announcement with dances that look a lot like this:


O.K., maybe not exactly like that. But they do know how something as simple as trying out client logos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 69%. So a tool that makes it easier than ever to conduct those same tests on web forms is definitely worth celebrating.

We understand that A/B testing can seem overwhelming when you’re just getting started with conversion rate optimization. Our web form testing feature is designed to offer a simple way to quickly compare conversions and choose between two different versions of the same online form.

All that’s left to decide is which elements to test. To help, we’ve pulled together a list of key form elements you can test one at a time: 

  1. Button style: Formstack’s button creator makes it easy to test different colors, backgrounds, widths, fonts, and more.
  1. Button copy: Check out page nine of our latest conversion report for ideas on different button text to test.
  1. Visuals: From header images to background graphics to section photos, there are plenty of ways to test elements that make for a more visually appealing form.
  1. Length: Try out different form-shortening techniques to see which works best. (Keep in mind that multi-page forms tend to convert more traffic than single-page ones.)
  1. Fonts: The typefaces and styles you choose can directly impact conversions. A/B testing lets you see precisely what works best for your audience.
  1. Color combinations: Test out different color combinations to see which result in more submissions. You may be surprised at how much one color change can drive home your call to action.
  2. Field Type: Should you use a dropdown list or radio buttons? Short answer or matrix? An A/B test will let you know for sure. 
  1. Position: Will you capture more conversions if your embedded form appears above or below the fold? In a sidebar or front and center? Run an A/B test to find out. 
  1. Placement: Try out the Facebook Tab Embed to see how conversion rates compare to the same form hosted in a branded URL.
  1. Form type: Tired of simple surveys? See if they perform better as contests. Or revamp your contact form with an incentive and turn it into a lead generation form.
  1. Autofill features: Can you collect more data when Social Autofill is enabled? How great of an effect do Pre-Populating Fields have on the number of submissions you receive? A quick A/B test can show you.

Comparing two different versions of a landing page is one thing. Being able to A/B test the nuances of your landing page’s form? That has the potential to result in some serious sales and conversion increases. You may find that changing just one element above is all you need to double or even triple conversions.