Yesware Partnership and Exclusive Deal

Written by Formstack on June 23, 2014

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We at Formstack are excited to announce a partnership with Yesware, an email productivity platform for salespeople. They are offering a sweet deal to our customers that has a $150 value. Read on for details!

What Can Yesware Do?
Yesware is an email productivity platform that helps salespeople work more effectively, right from their inbox. Yesware integrates with your email to help you close more deals. With real-time email tracking, you can know if and when your emails are opened. You can schedule reminders right from your inbox—no more forgetting to follow up with clients. Yesware also lets you write emails to be sent later, build personal reports, and create and share email templates.

Yesware integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs so you can manage and update client data quickly, all from your email. Check out this video to see how simple Yesware is:

Manage Your Sales Team Better
Sales managers, you can take advantage of detailed analytics to monitor the health of your team. Track their rates of sent and opened emails. Build custom, unified templates to keep your messaging on point. Free up your team’s time by taking advantage of automatic CRM syncing.

Let’s Make a Deal!
Yesware is an email add-on that streamlines the sales process and helps your team work more efficiently. It takes what you are already doing—email—and makes it better. That way, you can focus on your sales relationships.

If you are a paid Formstack customer, you can get a free 3-month trial of Yesware Enterprise, which offers scalable Salesforce and email connectivity. Questions? Ask away in the comments below. Otherwise, happy selling!

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