Is Your Website 508 Compliant? We’ll Help You Find Out.

Written by Formstack on June 2, 2014

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As companies strive to make their websites more accessible, having a 508 Compliant website is becoming more of a priority. When your website adheres to Section 508 standards, it means users with disabilities can access your page.

If you’re working to create a more user-friendly website, you might be asking yourself: “Is my website 508 Compliant?” It’s a valid question; it’s not easy to determine compliance just by scanning your page. As the only third-party form builder that is Section 508 compliant, we were driven to create a 508 compliance checker to help you determine the accessibility of your site. And thus, was born.

Simply enter a URL, and we’ll scan the site to check for compliance. We’ll provide you a scan report detailing visual and code errors that will need to be fixed when making a website 508 Compliant. You can also leverage additional resources, such as a 508 Compliance Self-Assessment and external 508 Compliance checklist, to ensure you are aware of the steps toward making your website more accessible.

Ready to make your company’s website more usable for everyone online? Want to learn more about 508 Compliance? Visit 508 Checker now!

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