How Sungard Public Sector Streamlined Registrations with Approval Workflow

Written by Amber Derrow on February 24, 2014

Posted in Case Studies, Workflow Automation

Superion Public Sector is a leading service provider of government software for public administration, human resources, education and nonprofits. Their marketing specialist, Ashley Buley, has been a Formstack regular for a little over a year. She has found countless ways to use Formstack’s online form building tool to her advantage. “We use it a lot for collecting leads for our educational programs,” she explained. “It also plays a huge role in webinar tracking and registration, as well as for internal seminar signups.”

The Problem
Superion Public Sector had a long process of sending emails and filling out a large amount of paper forms. They had to make customers go through a multi-step process just to deny the webinar registration. Customers would fill out a form and then they would be sent an email with the link to webX (the webinar program). The customers would then fill out another form to be approved or denied and THEN they would receive a link to the webinar. With Approval Workflow, users can request to join the webinar, and then Superion Public Sector can send them a link to the event immediately after the form submission has been approved. “Before this option became available, we had a very complex and inefficient method of signing up for webinars,” stated Buley. “It was not streamlined and made the process very tedious.”

The Solution
With the Approval Workflow feature, Formstack users have the ability to approve, deny or comment on any form submissions, making Ashley’s job much easier. Superion Public Sector now has the ability to grant customers access to webinars after they sign up to attend. In addition to the Approval Workflow feature, Superion Public Sector can use the Email Logic feature. After customers are approved, an email can be triggered to the customer letting them know they can join the webinar.

“We also use Approval Workflow to pass qualified webinar submissions into our CRM integration,” said Buley. “The feature has helped cut time and increase efficiency in signing people up for our webinars.” Approval Workflow has helped Ashley cut the webinar process from a four-step process down to one.

“If I could give anyone advice about Formstack, it would be that it is pretty simple,” explained Buley. “Start with branding and then create a custom theme, but don’t forget to explore the integrations and features, because the possibilities are endless.”

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