How to Use Your Submission Data in a Slideshare Presentation

Written by Laura Thrasher on August 21, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks, Lead Generation

You’ve captured some awesome data using your online form and want to share it with the world. Imagine how fancy you would look if you could use it in a Slideshare presentation! But since numbers are a total snooze, we’ll show you how to have a party with chart-ies.

What data can I put into a chart?
Certain form fields are chart-able: select list, checkbox, radio button, matrix, and number fields. You can also create custom charts by using reports.

Example of a bar graph that was instantly created using Formstack’s chart function.

Option 1: I want to create a report so I can chart specific data
Reports allow you to drill down into your form submissions. You can customize a report based on how people answered a certain question, by submission date, or some other criteria.

To create a report, go to Submissions > New. Click Filter and decide which filters you want to use. After you have created your report, it will be listed in your report drop-down menu. Give it an easy-to-remember name. You can edit it at any time by clicking Filter and changing the parameters.

Time to check out your charts. Select the report you want (all submissions, read, unread, a custom report, etc.) and click the Charts tab at the middle-right of the screen.

Want to change something? Click on the Manage Charts button on the top-center portion of the charts report. Check the box next to each field for which you want to create a chart. (Not all chart types are available for all field types.)

Option 2: I don’t want customized reports. Just show me some charts!
To view charts, simply click on Submissions and go to the Charts tab at the middle-right of the screen. You can choose “All submissions” to see the whole shebang or choose a default report.

I want my pie chart to be a bar graph and my bar graph to be a line chart! And I want it bigger!
Hover over a chart and you will see a settings wheel. Click on it to change the type of chart (pie, line, bar graph) or expand it to see data in greater detail. Get your charts full screen by clicking the “Full Screen” button in the charts toolbar.

Can I download my charts or what?
Once you like the looks of your charts, export them to a raster or vector image via the download icon and save the image to your computer. Voila! Your images are ready to add to your Slideshare presentation.

We know that too many words or numbers can make people’s eyes glaze over. Help them understand your work at a glance by leveraging charts and graphs in your Slideshare deck.

Questions? Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!