Why I Would Want to be Stuck in an Airport With My Coworkers

Written by Chris Byers on June 27, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates, Human Resources

The idea of getting stuck in an airport with your coworkers might make you shudder. Someone would have to pay you a lot of money. I’d do it for free. Our team at Formstack is so great that I’d voluntarily eat soggy airport sandwiches with them.

Before you start thinking that I’m just lucky, check out this list of qualities we look for in current and potential employees. All of these traits are important in any employee, but especially in a remote environment. When employees are faced with unique barriers like online communication, digital project management, and non-traditional workspaces, these qualities are especially important:

  1. Fun. If we can’t have fun together, we might as well stay home. An ideal work environment gives people the opportunity to have a good time while getting their tasks done. It’s about balance. We can’t have so much fun that we get in the way of improving our product. But we also can’t do so much work that there’s no fun, because no one will want to come back.
  2. People-oriented. Someone who wants to work remotely is probably an awkward, anti-social type who likes to be in a dark room in front of a screen, right? Not at Formstack. We intentionally look for employees who like to be around others. Our culture is fun and friendly. We want to be around each other and have fun together. Skills or accomplishments on a resume are important, but so is being a great culture fit.
  3. Willing to look out for one another. We need to be on the same side if we are going to function as a team. Too many organizations allow toxic elements to infiltrate their culture. Gossip and antagonism have no place in a good working environment. Even though many of us are distributed physically, it’s critical that we have the attitude of a team.
  4. Collaborative. Building on this idea of team, we also need to be willing to work together. That may mean that support is working with marketing or developers are working with sales. We all have the same end goal: We Ship Inspired Software that Gets Business Done.  The only way to accomplish this goal is to collaborate. Some of the best ideas can come when individuals with different perspectives come together to solve a problem.

What qualities do you think are essential for a remote team? Join the conversation below.