How to Streamline HR Departments Using Formstack

Written by Laura Thrasher on February 18, 2014

Posted in Human Resources

No matter what issue employees or administrators may have, HR has a form to deal with it. Wouldn’t it be nice if those towers of paper could be replaced with online submissions? By moving from paper to Formstack, you can save time, effort, and headaches. No matter what the form, Formstack has a solution.

Job Applications
Using Formstack to consolidate job applicants is a no-brainer. With approval workflow, you can move candidates along the hiring process and ensure that their applications are sent to the right hiring manager. Set up confirmation emails and candidates can be confident that their application has been received—no more phone calls “just to make sure you got it.”

New Hire Paperwork
Every time new faculty or staff members are hired, they have extensive paperwork to fill out. Online forms make it more convenient for them and for your HR office. Create secure, customized forms that can collect anything from direct deposit to emergency contact information. (Sorry, you still have to do all of those orientations yourself.)

Performance Management Tools
From performance evaluations to self-evaluations, documenting employees’ progress is a key to strong management. Getting the right tools into managers’ hands ensures that they will comply with your institution’s expectations. Formstack makes it easy to create, modify, and evaluate performance reviews; you can even route problematic reviews to the appropriate person based on how the evaluation is filled out.

Work/Life Benefits
Work/life balance is an important component of employee wellness. Whether you offer reimbursements for gym memberships or run wellness programs throughout the year, use Formstack to facilitate signups, manage participants, and track user satisfaction. Send out surveys for feedback to see if what HR offers matches up with what employees actually want.

Educational Benefit
Many universities offer educational benefits to faculty and staff, and some extend those benefits to spouses and children of employees. Simplify the approval process by putting it online with Formstack. Since these benefits have to be approved semester after semester, it makes sense to make the process a little smoother.

Change of Information
Change is inevitable, and HR gets to document it. Everything from FMLA to promotions to change of address to rehiring—it’s a wonder anything else gets done. With Formstack, you can make change-of-whatever forms, creating an easy method for employees to update information so you can focus on wearing all of your other hats.

HR deals with extremely private information, and security should be at the forefront of your mind. Formstack offers the ability to encrypt your forms’ data by enabling the appropriate security features, and our support team is happy to walk you through the process of protecting your employees’ personal information.

The Formstack Solution
Human Resources departments may be serving humans, but they do it by using forms. And as much as you might wish for it, you’ll probably never have a form-free HR office. Take back your staff’s time from inefficient paper forms. Switch to quick, easy online forms built by Formstack.

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