How to Streamline Alumni Services Using Formstack

Written by Laura Thrasher on February 18, 2014

Posted in Education, Form Hacks

Maintaining relationships with alumni helps to establish a strong network that grows your university. Loyalty is powerful, but it must be nurtured. Taking care of your alumni is more than hitting them up for donations; you are fostering a give-and-take relationship that helps them remember their time at school with fondness (and hopefully dollars). Formstack helps make connecting alumni with your office a painless process.

Up-to-Date Alumni Information
Your database is only as good as its information. Young alumni move around frequently, and you want to make sure that you are able to keep in touch. Formstack integrates with popular email marketing and CRM software, which makes updating a breeze—for you and for them. Just add an “Update Your Information” section on your website or social media page that links right to a Formstack form.

Alumni Communication
Create forms so that your alumni can join your alumni association, sign up for alumni events, or even apply to start a new chapter. With Formstack analytics, you can view your users’ geographical location, unique submissions, and more. Have you ever wondered if your alumni surveys are being opened but not finished? Now you can figure out which questions are causing alumni to click away.

Scholarship Applications
If your alumni sponsor individual scholarships, you can use Formstack to facilitate the process. Centralized data collection makes record-keeping easy. You can even approve or deny an application from email, without even logging in. And if you use a one-to-one scholarship, routing logic allows you to notify a specific donor of an application to his or her scholarship. Then, he or she can log in—or even approve or deny an application right from email.

Network with Current Students and Alumni
Your alumni network is a powerful one. The more robust it is, the more attractive it will be to young alumni to get connected and, eventually, give generously. Do your alumni prefer in-person social events or online networking? Do you have alumni who are willing to meet with small groups of current students or recent graduates? Do your alumni prefer LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter to connect with you? Formstack allows you to create surveys, which you can use on your website or through email, to determine what your network needs to be more effective.

Online Giving
If you don’t already have a way for alumni to give online, Formstack integrates with popular payment-processors to make it easy. With a couple of clicks, the donations will come pouring in! You can include a link in emails to subtly encourage donations whenever alumni are exposed to communication from your office.

The Formstack Solution
Alumni want to feel like they belong to a vibrant, growing network.  Formstack allows you to be more creative in how you interact with alumni. Because it is so easy to create and modify forms, you can try different ideas and see how your audience responds. That way, you can be sure that you are connecting effectively with current and future alumni.

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