How to Leverage Online Forms in Higher Ed Admissions

Written by Laura Thrasher on February 20, 2014

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A strong first impression is essential in university admissions. Students and parents are an eager audience, and accurate management of their information helps you to stand out among the competition. Prompt attention, correct information, and a welcoming attitude communicate your commitment to a prospective student’s college experience. Check out how Formstack can help overhaul your admissions process to make it an excellent experience for prospective students and parents.

Generate Leads
One of the most important functions of your website is capturing leads. Whether they are prospective, current, or transfer students—or even parents or guidance counselors—your online contact form needs to be quick while getting the information you need. But don’t forget the data that you are not able to capture. How many unique users view your form? Is there a bottleneck that causes potential contacts give up before hitting “Submit”? Formstack allows you to analyze this information and more, which helps you to make changes to retain as much interest as possible.

Know Your Audience
Prospective students are different than admitted students. Parents are different than guidance counselors. And your office may have dozens of regional recruiters in charge of specific geographic areas. Customize your communication with routing logic: depending on how they answer the form, you can redirect them to certain people in your office. For example, if a student selects that he is a transfer student, his form can be sent to the staff person in charge of transfers. When inquiries come from different parts of the country or state, routing logic will send automatic notification emails to your regional recruiters.

Schedule Campus Visits and Tours
Use Formstack to help schedule campus visits and tours. You can immediately know how many admitted students, prospective students, or parents are coming to campus, and tailor your tours to their needs. A cool feature called conditional logic allows you to show or hide questions based on students’ responses. So if they choose a tour on a Monday, you can show which times are offered. Then, set up your form to will automatically notify the appropriate tour guides.

Submit Supplemental Applications
If students need to submit supplemental applications for admission, Formstack eliminates the need for mailed paper applications. Create a form that can be customized to your needs: include a file upload for essays, short and long answers, and more. The applications will be sent immediately to whomever you designate, which allows you to move more quickly.

Create Buzz with Social Media
Social media contests and giveaways are a great way to get prospective students talking online about your university. Too often, though, the leads generated on social media are not nurtured. By using Formstack to manage your contest, you can collect important data from your entrants and generate qualified leads. This means that you can increase your exposure online and build up your contact lists at the same time.

The Formstack Solution
The priority of your admissions office is cultivating relationships. Formstack allows you to spend more time connecting with students and parents and less time organizing information. Set up smart forms that do some of the work for you, and focus on your more important relationships.

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