We’re Speaking at Go Inbound Marketing 2014!

Written by Abby Nieten on June 6, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates, Webinars + Events

Hey, Midwest (especially Indy) friends! There’s a pretty sweet event coming up on June 19 that we wanted to make you aware of. And it’s not just awesome because two of our ‘stackers are speaking. Go Inbound Marketing 2014, sponsored by Element Three, is taking place on Thursday, June 19 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. It’s a cost- and time-effective conference that features renowned marketers at the national and local levels.

What’s Go Inbound Marketing all about?
Thought leaders in communication strategies will share on the trends and technologies you need to know. Hear from industry experts like HubSpot CTO and Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah, Moz Co-Founder Gillian Muessing and Wistia CEO Chris Savage. Local thought leaders from companies like Smallbox and BLASTmedia will be discussing inbound marketing and branding strategy with their colleagues as well. From culture and branding to lead generation strategies, this conference is sure to provide you with tips and best practices to maximize your sales funnel. Formstack’s own Eva McKnight and Lance Padgett will also be speaking at Go Inbound Marketing 2014.

What are Lance and Eva speaking about?
“Capturing Customers that Don’t Even Know They Need You” – There are countless strategies, apps, and services to help you generate more prospects. But how do you target leads who don’t even realize they need your product? Through keyword research and tailored content, you can create a product funnel for customers who might have the needs your business answers, but aren’t aware of your company yet. Using a proven-by-the-numbers case study, Lance and Eva will walk the audience through the best way to engage new customers via targeted search and create content for different lead segments. Additionally, they will show you how to use marketing automation tools to customize messaging and plan ongoing outreach.

This session will help you: 

  1. Identify qualified prospects
  2. Tailor content for your lead segments
  3. Restart your lead cycle
  4. Engage with customers after the sale

Hear from Lance, Eva and all of the awesome speakers at Go Inbound Marketing 2014 on June 19! Register now >>