Be an Effective Google Analytics User with Formstack’s New Report

Written by Formstack on September 23, 2014

Posted in Analytics, Reports + White Papers

Google Analytics is the industry standard for web metrics. But are you getting the most you can from these powerful analytics? Most marketers focus on vanity metrics, like page views and bounce rate, but stop short of real data tracking. Don’t get caught sputtering “But .. but … we had 20,000 visitors this month!” What you need to be focusing on are the actionable GA metrics that will impact your conversion rate and revenue.

Formstack’s newest report offers user-friendly tips for using Google Analytics more effectively. This resource will help you analyze your current marketing efforts and leverage data to increase conversions.

In this report, you’ll learn how to:

  • Track campaign performance with UTM links
  • Set conversion goals and evaluate your strongest traffic channels
  • Leverage behavioral reports track customer habits on your site
  • A/B test profitable pages to increase return on investment

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