Formstack Launches 3 New Marketing Guides

Written by Sarah Quezada on June 17, 2014

Posted in Ebooks + Guides, Formstack Updates

We’ve got big news to share! Today we launch a trifecta of new resources to leverage your forms for your business goals. We pride ourselves in helping you build the sleekest, most useful forms. But we also want to help you surpass your broader marketing goals – the bigger purpose behind your data collection. That’s why we’ve created these helpful resources to support your work. Learn more about how Formstack can take your business to the next level. Download one of these free resources now!

How To Collect Electronic Signatures Take all the hassle out of paperwork. In fact, eliminate the paper altogether now that you can incorporate electronic signatures. This short guide offers all the ins and outs of how to collect them and to run reports. We cover the legal aspects, too, so your mind can rest easy.

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How To Conduct An Online Survey The more you know your customers, the more you can grow your business. But there is a certain finesse required to run an online survey. I mean, seriously, how many emails do we all get with some variation of “We want to hear your feedback” in the subject line? From form length to fields to incentives, we’ve got you covered with pro tips to tap into your audience.

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How To Create A Post-Event Email Campaign Events are exciting, engaging, and a TON of work. But don’t let the opportunity to get the most out of your efforts pass you by. It’s crucial to strategize a rock star follow-up plan. Choose from a variety of creative lead capture methods. We’ll help you figure out how to organize your data and what to say to your new contacts. With proper nurturing, leads from your events could become some of your biggest VIPs.

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