Final Reminder: Select a Formstack Custom Subdomain by Monday

Written by Formstack on December 11, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates

Do you remember back in October we launched our custom Subdomains feature? Time flies, and we know you’ve been busy. We wanted to give you a final reminder that we’re implementing Subdomains for all users this Monday, December 15. So act now if you want to claim a specific domain.

In case you missed it, Subdomains give you the power to customize your form URLs to match your brand. Instead of web links that begin with only, they will now read “” This feature creates a more secure and branded experience for your customer.

Selecting your Subdomain
It is a very simple process to establish a Subdomain for your forms. First, log in into your Formstack account and find the “My Account” menu. Click “URLs,” and a text box will appear. Now, you write in the Subdomain of your choice. Remember, this selection will appear on all your forms, so it should be something standard, such as your brand name. Voila! Custom web links! Need more help? Check out the Support doc for this feature.

What happens if I don’t pick a Subdomain by December 15?
For security reasons, we are implementing this feature for all users on December 15. If you do not select a Subdomain for your account by Monday, we will assign a Subdomain to your account, which you will need to change later if you want something more branded. We will assign your Subdomain based on either your company name or your email address. To avoid duplicate domains, our assigned Subdomains will end in a random string of numbers, like As you can see, it’s better to pick your domain yourself so you can avoid being assigned a random URL! Hurry to select your own before Monday!

Important note if you are assigned a Subdomain
If you are assigned a random Subdomain and decide to change it later, form links with prior versions of a Subdomain will no longer work. You will need to update any links to direct users to the new form link.

If you’d like more information on this switchover, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team with any additional questions!