Read a Sneak Peek from the New Higher Ed Forms Kit!

Written by Formstack on March 26, 2014

Posted in Education

Last week, the Formstack team launched the Higher Ed Forms Kit, a resource packet for higher ed marketers who want to get started with online data collection. And we don’t want to brag (okay, maybe we do a little bit), but it’s got a lot of super helpful stuff in it. We’re talking pre-built forms, form header graphics, college-themed gifs and a Formstack word search for your lunch break.

However, what we’re probably most proud of is the 5 exclusive e-books and white papers that you can download from the Forms Kit. From how to make your form more secure to the features that will make your team more efficient, you’ll have access to the content you need to organize your department around online forms.

We wanted to show you a little preview of the type of content you’ll be getting for free with our Higher Ed Forms Kit. Below is one of the shorter downloads, which can be easily printed and shared with your boss or coworkers. Read on to learn more about the importance of 508 compliant forms in higher education:

Formstack 508 Compliance

What did you think? Let us know in the comments below. With the Higher Ed Forms Kit, you’ll be able to download this white paper, as well as four others on the topics of:

  • How online forms solve common marketing problems
  • How to safely capture more data in higher education
  • The Formstack features that will maximize productivity within your department
  • How to use Formstack within certain departments

Ready to download the kit? Follow the link below for free access!

Download the Form Kit >>