How to Quickly Get The Data You Need with Submission Filters

Written by Laura Thrasher on August 27, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

If you collect a lot of form submissions, you’ve probably wished you could search and sort your data. Maybe you need to know who submitted a survey on July 7. Or you want a list of who answered “yes” to an opt-in on a contact form. How can you do such a thing?

With filters! They’re not just for coffee pots, folks.

Formstack lets you create customized reports that search for submissions that fit the criteria you designate. With the magic of filters, you can get exactly the data you want in one customized report.

Step 1: Create a custom report

Choose the form you’d like to filter and go to the Submissions tab. For our example, we will work with a volunteer registration form because we need to know who is available to volunteer on certain days.

In the Submissions tab, the default view is “All submissions.” Click New to create your custom report. (You can give it a title by clicking on the pencil icon in the Report bar.)

1 all subs

Step 2: Add filters

Click the Filter button to determine which submissions should be a part of this report. You can add one or more filters to search your data and display only the submissions you want to see.

We want to know who is available to volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays. Since that was a question in our registration form, we can filter out everyone who selected those days.

2 add filter

Step 3: Customize column view (optional)

If you’d like, you can select which columns are visible by clicking on the Columns button. Here, you can choose which columns are visible in your Submissions tab.

3 column display

Step 4: Run your report

Your report should now appear in the Reports drop-down bar. Select it and you’ll automatically see which submissions fit your criteria.

4 report

Step 5: Export your data (optional)

If you’d like to export all or some of your filtered submissions, simply choose “all submissions” in the first bar at the bottom of the screen (or “selected submissions” if you want to export certain ones). In the second bar, choose the method of exporting: CSV, Excel, RTF, or PDF. Click Go and it will automatically download to your computer in the format you chose.

5 export

And voila! You’ve got all the filtered data you could ever need. Do you have any questions or suggestions on how we could make this feature better? Let us know in the comments below!