How to Plan a World Cup Party with Formstack

Written by Sarah Quezada on June 13, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

Four years in the making, yesterday kicked off the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Trampolines, dancers, and a giant ball of light made for a fun party of the opening ceremonies.

The World Cup has been a major focus of conversation in our house for months. My husband’s been teaching our three-year old to “kiss the badge,” and we’ve been collecting the trading stickers like they’re secretly made of gold.

I know very little about the actual game of fútbol. But I love the international hype and everything barely related to soccer. You can find me on Twitter tweeting through the summer with the hashtag #WorldCupWives.

What’s the best part of the festivities? The parties! Now it’s time for you to plan a World Cup party, and Formstack is cheering you on! We can help make this process easier than naming Cristiano Ronaldo soccer’s most marketable player.

Easy Potluck Signup
Email out the details of your party and use a form to quickly and efficient organize food or snacks. With a couple clicks, you can integrate your form with Google Drive and have a ready-to-go spreadsheet of who is bringing what.

Get super fancy, and you could use Conditional Logic to divide up entrees, snacks, and drinks based on which team you’re routing (pun intended) for. For example, anyone who selects Argentina (our family team!) is asked, “What dessert will you bring?” Sweet! Someone who chooses Spain brings a side dish. We’re taking potlucking to the next level, people!

Raise the Stakes
Whip up a quick form to let your guests lock in their predictions early. No wavering once the game is in play! Integrate with PayPal if you decide to wager more than M&M’s.

It’s Game Time!
Sure, soccer is fun to watch if that’s your thing. But an awesome World Cup party is not complete without party games! Create trivia questions with Formstack and guests can fill out their questionnaire right on their mobile devices.

Whether you decide on individual or team competitions, everyone will have a good time. Just make sure you stock up on some fun prizes! (Maybe this World Cup beach towel?)

We hope you have a fantastic time joining in with the world’s biggest quadrennial party! I know I will! Sign up for a free Formstack trial and start party planning now!

Image source: 2010 World Cup – Shine 2010