How to Plan a Student Orientation Week with Online Forms

Written by Amber Derrow on February 13, 2014

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Student orientation week is always jam-packed with events and networking, along with the occasional requests to change roommates, meal plans and scheduling conflicts. It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on, but online forms make it easy.

Whether you are planning an event, scheduling a meeting or trying to increase student involvement, Formstack has an assortment of forms to make your student orientation week a success.

Roommate Contract Forms
Once the semester begins and the students are moved in to their dorms, many residence halls require roommate contract forms. These forms can include rules each roommate agrees to follow, standards for how the room must be kept and visitor restrictions.

Formstack offers a feature called Conditional Logic that allows a creator to show and hide fields or selections. This will give students the ability to skip unnecessary questions and only answer the ones that are needed. Formstack also has an Electronic Signature feature so that each roommate can sign the contract without you having to keep paper files of the agreement.

Advisor Scheduling
The first week of school is typically one of the busiest for academic advisors. Hundreds of students flood the offices to add or drop courses. Students can fill out a contact form to set up a meeting with their specific advisor. Formstack offers a Google Calendar integration that shows students when you are available, sets up the appointments for you and includes notifications so you know when your schedule is filling up!

On-Campus Job Applications
Many students look for on-campus jobs during student orientation week. Creating a job application via Formstack will give you the opportunity to make those hiring processes shorter and simpler. Approval Workflow gives Formstack users the ability to approve, deny, or comment on form submissions. With the Approval Workflow feature, multiple staff members can approve or deny an application right from their email if the preferred qualifications for a new hire aren’t met. This helps to make sure your entire staff is on the same page and up-to-date on who is getting hired.

Student-Run Organizations
The first weeks of school are generally filled with events hosted by student-run organizations on campus. Many of those organizations want to increase membership or increase traffic to an event. Because Formstack is super easy with our drag-and-drop tool, students can create sign-up forms and event registration forms in seconds. They can increase membership and track the amount of people coming to their events while all of their data is stored in one place. The Email Validation feature allows every new member or attendee the satisfaction of knowing their submission was received with a pre-automated notification.

Student orientation week doesn’t have to be stressful. Try the 14-day test trial to see for yourself. Any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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