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Which Formstack Payment Gateway Integration is Best For Your Business?

Formstack works with a number of popular payment processors, making it easy to collect fees with your online forms. But when you’re trying to decide which to use, the options can be confusing. So how can you be sure you’re selecting the right payment processor for your company?

We’re here to help! Our payment gateway comparison chart has been a hit with customers since we launched it last year. We recently re-designed this reference page to minimize confusion over important factors like transaction fees, setup costs, and accepted credit cards. Check out the quick-reference checklist to compare services.

The chart also breaks down the four major factors and three types of fees to take into consideration when choosing a payment gateway. Learn more about what on earth a merchant account is, too!

So which payment gateway is best for your industry? We’ve got a few recommendations based on the e-commerce needs some of our customers have:

If you work in higher education, look for:

If you work for a ministry, nonprofit, or church, look for:

If you are a marketer or marketing consultant, look for:

If you sell sporting or event tickets, look for:

No matter your industry, some features are a must. Be sure any payment gateway service you use offers the following:

And no matter which service you choose, you’ll never pay a Formstack fee when using our forms to collect payments. How about that?!