Organize Your VBS with Online Forms

Written by Laura Thrasher on May 21, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

It’s spring, which means one thing: VBS is around the corner. Imagine, if you will, a VBS registration without piles of paper forms. A volunteer sign-up that doesn’t include data entry. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! This year, try using an online form builder like Formstack. We make it easy to organize everything you need. Take a look at a few areas where your VBS planning could be simplified by using Formstack.

Participant Registration
Simplify the process of signing kids up for VBS by providing online registration. With just a few clicks, you can have all of the information you need in one place. The form can be embedded on your church website or a link can be sent out by email. If you require a parental signature, just include an e-signature field that can be signed using a mouse or a fingertip. Your registration form can also inquire about food allergies or special needs to help you plan. Formstack also lets you can set a maximum capacity of children if you’re in a limited venue.

Volunteer Sign-Up
Create a sign-up form for volunteers so that you know exactly who is committed to the team. Ask for their contact information, availability, and in which area they would like to serve. By creating a matrix field in your form, you can even ask volunteers to rank their preference of tasks. That way, you can use people in their areas of interest but also be sure every job has a volunteer.

Collecting Donated Items
If you rely on donations of craft items, snacks, and other materials, you can use an online form to ensure you get exactly what you need. Build a checklist that lists all of the materials you require. By making the items “unique,” each item will disappear from the form when a person signs up to select the item. That way, you won’t have 200 boxes of graham crackers and nothing to drink! Set up a confirmation email to be sent to the donor, reminding them of what they selected and how they should drop it off. Since Formstack builds a database of who signed up for what, it’s easy to see if a donor needs a gentle reminder.

Prayer Partners
Similar to volunteer sign-up, a registration for prayer partners will ensure that you have church members praying for your VBS event. A simple sign-up with name, email address, and a date choice will allow you to build a team of prayer partners. Send out email reminders as VBS approaches, and host a prayer meeting for your volunteers and prayer partners to dedicate the event before it launches.

Follow-Up Surveys
Since you used Formstack to streamline the registration process, you now have a database of participants’ contact information. That means you can touch base with families after the event to gain feedback. Don’t forget to ask volunteers how you can improve, as well. Create a volunteer survey to make sure that your VBS volunteers are happy with the experience and will come back next year. Formstack creates automatic charts and graphs so it’s easy to see the survey results in visual format.

Volunteer Appreciation
Because VBS relies so heavily on volunteers, you want to take care of them well. Why not send each volunteer a photograph from the event? Whether you choose to use a digital or physical photo, it will be a touching memento of thanks. You can even send one to each participant, if you’d like. Formstack integrates with many email marketing services to make it simple to contact your volunteers and participants after the event.

Where else can you turn paper forms into easy online forms in VBS? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!