4 Types of Online Forms for Churches

Written by Laura Thrasher on April 9, 2014

Posted in Form Hacks

Church isn’t just about Sunday! Any staff knows that a huge amount of work happens behind the scenes. Organization is the key to programs that run smoothly, but many churches still use cumbersome methods to collect information from church members. Relying on paper forms is a hassle; they can get misplaced or stuck for weeks on someone’s desk. An online form builder like Formstack can help your church keep forms in order so that staff can focus on people, not forms.

Event and Program Registration
Formstack can help simplify registrations for all of your church’s programs and events. With a drag-and-drop form builder, you can create customized forms in minutes. You can take payments by integrating with a payment processor, or even include e-signatures for permissions or waivers. Once they’ve registered, all of your participants are in one centralized database, which you can use to build reports.

Moving registration online helps your church members, too. With just a click, they can sign themselves up for anything your church has to offer: no more hunting down staff or waiting for the church office to open. Since Formstack is mobile-optimized, users can register right from their smartphones (but hopefully they will wait until after the service!).

Volunteer Sign-up
Managing volunteers is essential to a church’s success; you don’t want to lose people who are willing to serve but somehow fall through the cracks. By using Formstack for your volunteer sign-up, you can help ensure that people are plugged in. To make it even easier, Formstack has a ready-made volunteer registration template that you can customize to fit your needs.

Routing Logic is a Formstack feature that will help delegate the work of managing volunteers. You can build your form so that once a church member fills out your volunteer application, the appropriate leaders are notified. For example, if a person indicates that they want to volunteer in the nursery, an email is sent to your children’s ministry leader. If someone else wants to join the worship team, an email is sent to your worship leader. The right people will be able to follow up with next steps, which results in volunteers getting plugged in faster and more successfully.

Application Forms
Formstack helps to streamline the process of applying and approving. Instead of paper applications for membership, employment, volunteering, or missions trips, create easy-to-use online applications that can be embedded on your website. Applications are also a perfect place to use Formstack’s Approval Workflow feature. With it, you can assign certain people to approve or deny submissions. And it’s simple—they can even do it with a click from their email. When you have multiple people signing off on a decision, the Approval Workflow feature helps to keep things moving.

You may distribute surveys after special events, missions trips, or when small group curriculums end. But if you’re using one of the free survey tools out there, you’re missing out on our cool features, including Conditional Logic. With it, you can create “smart” survey questions that respond to how your members answer. For example, if a person indicates they are interested in joining your church, follow-up questions can appear automatically. All of your data is held in one centralized location, and it’s easy to share survey results and create charts and graphs.

Put Formstack to Work
You’ll love how easy Formstack is to use and how much time it can save you and your staff. Give the 14-day free trial a whirl and start eliminating the paperwork at your church. How about you? How do you use Formstack at your church?