Formstack Defaulting to New Form Builder Interface

Written by Formstack on July 15, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates

It’s been a good run. We’ve all made favorite surveys, registrations, and order forms on the old Formstack builder interface.

But then we created the new builder. And quite frankly, we think it’s pretty awesome. We made building forms faster and more intuitive without compromising any of the functionality you know and love.

What makes the new builder better?
The new builder boasts a sleek, streamlined sidebar. Popups were eliminated so the building experience is smoother. We even made it so you can update themes in real time and check out your form with instant previews.

When will the changes take place?
Starting July 15, any time you login to Formstack, bursting with creativity and ready to build forms, your account will default to the new builder. If you need a moment to accept change, there will be that little “go back to the old builder” button for you. But only for a month.

On August 12, we’re sunsetting the old builder for good. All your future form glory will happen via the new builder.

What if I need more?

To help you with any questions you may have during this transition, we’ve created some helpful documents. Visit our Knowledge Base for our thorough rundown of all the changes.

We are so excited to finally unveil this new and finalized edition of the builder. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Here’s what other customers are saying:

“The new builder is just much more user friendly! We love Formstack!!!!” – Brent Ward, Field Marketing Operations Manager, Sunrun.

“This makes it a hundred times easier to create a form. Pop-ups drive me nuts. Now you can change anything without having to go to a pop-up. And the changes are right there.” – April Wilson, National Sales Representative, EDGECORE.

“Great job Formstack! I love being able to see the actual form while I make changes. I also like how the tools are in the left panel instead of being a pop-up.” – Sarah Pead, Art & Communication Director, Friendship Church.

Happy form building!

Image source: Wasim Muklashy