How MissionKonnect Uses Formstack to Connect Nonprofits with their Supporters

Written by Guest Blogger on January 31, 2014

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As a new start-up in the nonprofit, charity and ministry space, we were never planning on being in the “forms business.” Forms just were not a part of our business model, but Formstack and online forms have quickly become a key component of our service.

Challenges Facing Nonprofits
All nonprofit organizations want and need participants, volunteers, supporters and donors – and people want to contribute and support these organizations, but in today’s fast-paced world, it’s more difficult than ever for nonprofit organizations to stay “connected” with their constituents.

A common problem in many nonprofits is a lack of communication and engagement with their participants and constituents. According to recent studies, nonprofits can lose up to 60% of their donors and volunteers in a given year.

Our Solution
According to a recent survey – 53% of donors leave due to the charity’s lack of communication. That’s where MissionKonnect comes in. We have pooled together some of the latest in best practices for data collection, email marketing, campaign management, engagement, retention and fundraising to create what we call “relationship management services.”  We offer technology and solutions to help our clients create lasting, powerful relationships while delivering insight into their constituents and volunteer engagement, utilizing direct and digital marketing campaigns and collecting data on every individual’s relationship to the organization.

Formstack Desperately Needed
After one week of working with our very first beta client, YWAM San Diego Baja, we soon discovered that our client needed us to do all the things we had included in the business plan, but first they needed a better way of collecting emails and information on their participants and volunteers. They desperately needed online forms.

We were able to convert a standard email with 8 different forms included as attachments into one online form using Formstack. YWAM San Diego Baja, receives over 4,000 people per year to travel with them to participate in their celebrated mission trips.  Before MissionKonnect, it was one person’s job to hand-enter the details from these handwritten forms that were mailed back in.  Earlier this year, we created an online registration form to handle their high volume of mission trip applications, and now that data-entry person can focus on much bigger and better things.

Our developer is now building a web-hooks integration between an online fundraising database, eTapestry, and Formstack.  This should make their short term registration process entirely seamless.

MissionKonnect is helping organizations and charities tell their amazing stories and better connect with their participants and volunteers. Utilizing new marketing software technologies and online forms is a big part of that that – it’s the very first thing listed in our services!

Thanks Formstack.

Tony Ratliff (@drtonyratliff) and Rick Radcliff (@rickradcliff), co-founders of