How to Leverage Confirmation Emails to Increase Student Engagement

Written by Brianna Class on March 4, 2014

Posted in Education, Lead Generation

Students don’t like waiting, especially in this digital age where everything seems to be instant and accessible right in the palm of your hand.  As a recent college grad, I know from experience that if a response isn’t instant then students will most likely become frustrated or disengaged in the topic. If online forms are part of your engagement cycle then you must get to know confirmation emails!

Housing applications, meal plan registrations, and event registrations are common use cases where students would want an instant confirmation that their request was received. If a student is making a payment toward an event or paying for their meal plan on a form, then they will definitely want to receive a confirmation that their payment has been accepted. Communicating with students through a confirmation email is a simple way to reduce frustration and increase engagement.

Confirmation emails are set up based on the submitters interests in correspondence with the form. If a prospective student submits a request to live in a dorm or apartment building, they will need to receive confirmation that pertains to the specific housing unit they have requested. They don’t want to dig through the website to find more information about the pricing plan and living requirements. Students want information delivered directly to their email inbox without waiting.

What, where, and when are three extremely important questions you should ask about confirmation emails:

  • “What”– The message that is displayed in the confirmation email can  be customized to the student’s specific request. Email Logic allows you to set conditions of the confirmation email based on the submitter’s response. For example, if the student filling out the form chooses ‘South Campus Apartments’ then you will be able to set conditions that tell the form to send an email if they select that option from a “Housing Type” field. You can create a custom message so that the user sees specific information in their confirmation email.

  • “Where” is easy- you want the confirmation to be sent to the end user once they submit the form.

  • “When” is an even more important question to ask. Let’s stick with the housing application example. In this case you would be able to set the confirmation to ‘Immediately’ and students would receive a confirmation immediately upon submission. Confirmation emails can also be sent out at a set time. If you choose to delay the message you can set the hour, day, week, month, etc. for the confirmation to be sent out.

Setting a confirmation email helps streamline your process of communicating with students. If you’re interested in learning more about the ways you can better engage with students using online forms, sign up for a free trial of Formstack today!

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