How LeadChat Cut Their Sign-Up Process in Half

Written by Laura Thrasher on September 25, 2014

Posted in Case Studies

We all know that time is money. But have you ever measured how long the old-fashioned way is taking you? LeadChat did. And it wasn’t great. Gary Tramer, co-founder and Head of Strategy at LeadChat, was able to tell us how Formstack has streamlined their sign-up process.

Meet LeadChat
LeadChat is a service that generates sales leads through live chat. With it, businesses can increase their conversions in real time. LeadChat’s sales agents talk to visitors via live chat and work to convert them into qualified leads.

A 33-minute sign-up process…
Before they switched to Formstack, LeadChat used paper forms. “To sign up a new customer,” said Tramer, “it took 14 minutes to fill out a paper form, 3 minutes to scan and email it to our administration team, 12 minutes to receive and enter data into our CRM, and 4 minutes to save the scanned image and attach it to our CRM.”

Over a half hour to sign up one new customer? Ouch.

They began to search for a better way. Since LeadChat’s sign-up process requires signatures, their search was unique and their standards were high. “We were looking for a solution that could take multiple signatures on a web form. It also needed to work across devices,” said Tramer. And, he added, “it needed to be as easy as Wufoo.”

…turned into 13 minutes
LeadChat recently started using Formstack. Now, LeadChat can accept electronic signatures on their online form. No scanning, no emailing, no nothin’. That 33-minute sign-up process got whittled down to the time it took to fill out the form.

“With Formstack, it takes 13 minutes to fill out the online form and it’s integrated directly into the CRM,” said Tramer. With the time savings, the LeadChat team can focus on more important things—like nurturing their own sales leads.

Customized sign-ups and happier customers
Even though LeadChat has a longer sign-up form, they leverage Formstack features to motivate customers to completion. “We separate sections into chunks. This prevents ‘paralysis by analysis,’” Tramer explained.

Tramer and his team fell in love with Formstack’s ease of use and the advanced logic that competitors lack. Now, nothing is stopping them from creating a customized sign-up process that captures the data they need—but with none of the administrative headache.

“We’ve tried everything from Wufoo to Gravity and everything in between,” said Tramer. “Formstack is by far the most powerful. It can do everything you’ve ever wanted.”