Nurture Your Email List With INinbox and Formstack

Written by Formstack on June 12, 2014

Posted in Formstack Updates, Lead Generation

Whenever we get to announce an integration, it’s like starting a brand-new Formstack friendship. We love it when developers integrate their apps with ours. In fact, we have an area on our website called Developer Central that provides programmers the tools to integrate with the Formstack platform. Today, we’re excited to add an awesome company to the list of integrations: INinbox!

What is INinbox?

INinbox is an easy-to-use email marketing solution that offers free and paid plans to help manage your email campaigns. You can use their professional-looking email templates to create marketing emails (without needing a graphic design degree).

Their features help you build the right kind of email campaigns for your business. With segmentation, you can divide your subscriber list to reach people with customized, relevant messages. Analytics track open, bounce, and click-through rates. You can even run A/B tests to determine which strategies work best. INinbox integrates with dozens of applications around the web, so it can work with tools you already use—including Formstack.

How does INinbox integrate with Formstack?

The integration between INinbox and Formstack means that the two apps “talk” to each other automatically. Let’s say you have a Formstack contact form on your website and a customer fills it out. With INinbox, you can upload your contact list from that form to your INinbox account with just a couple of clicks. Then, you can build email marketing campaigns to nurture your leads. The integration also updates your contacts automatically and lets you segment those leads to send them customized marketing emails.

To learn more about this integration, check out this video from the INinbox team!

Ready to try INinbox?

If you need an email marketing client, you can sign up for a free trial and check out how INinbox will work for you. Just integrate your INinbox account with your Formstack account and see how easy it is for them to work together.